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What are the quickest social science options for the BOG?
It's important to know the difference between a Social Science and a Humanities course. SocSci includes things like Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science. Humanities includes Foreign Languages, Art, Music, Communications, and Religion.

Some schools consider History a Social Science, while others consider it a Humanities - so make sure before you decide what to take. Pierpont considers it a SocSci. TESU used to put it in the SocSci category, but changed it to Humanities last July.

Also, there's no "arguing" NCCRS with Pierpont. If a school takes NCCRS, you won't have to argue. Unfortunately, Pierpont does not, so you have to just move on and take ACE courses.
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Thank you everyone!!!! I will figure it out. I’m just hoping I will be fast enough.
Pierpont does claim to accept NCCRS courses. But they are ridiculous about it, so the reality is that they don't actually do so. Very frustrating.
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Social Sciences:

Sophia has a bunch of options. It all depends on what you have already completed.
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