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What do you think about BS Organizational Leadership at TESU?
I completed the organizational leadership certificate and there is overlap with the BSOL. So I ran the evaluation for the BSOL and this is what it ran for the specific courses:

2: Leadership Foundations (12 SH) (Complete)
SH Earned: 13 GPA Achieved/Needed: none / 2.000 Complete all 4 subrequirements:

A: Org Behavior 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to MAN-311 Organizational Behavior
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
1 MAN-311 Organizational Behavior 05/06/17 CR 4.00 MAN-311
B: Foundations 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to LDR-305 Foundations of Leadership
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
2 LDR-305 Foundations of Leadership 11/09/17 CR 3.00 LDR-305
C: Org Change 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to LDR-345 Leading Organizational Change
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
1 LDR-345 Leading Organizational Change 03/13/18 CR 3.00 LDR-345
D: Communication 3 SH (Complete)
*must earn a grade of C/CR or better
For TESU course options, go to MAN-376 Leadership Communication
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
2 MAN-376 Leadership Communication 11/10/17 CR 3.00 MAN-376

3: Advanced Leadership (24SH) (In progress)
SH Earned: 15 GPA Achieved/Needed: none / 2.000 Complete all 3 subrequirements:

A: Adv Leadership 12 SH (In progress)
*must earn grades of C/CR or better
Complete 12 Semester Hours (SH) from the following:

MAN-415 Change Management 3 SH

MAN-435 Project Management 3 SH

MAN-425 Advanced Organizational Management 3 SH

MAN-210 Principles of Management 3 SH

LDR-422 Leadership in a Global Environment 3 SH

LDR-419 Nonprofit Leadership 3 SH

LDR-324 Leaders in History 3 SH
SH Earned: 6
Required: 12
Remaining: 6
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
2 MAN-435 Project Management 09/03/17 CR 3.00 MAN-435
2 MAN-301 Principles of Management 05/23/17 CR 3.00 MAN-301
______ _______________ _________________________ __________ _______ _______ __________
3 credits needed
______ _______________ _________________________ __________ _______ _______ __________
3 credits needed
B: Adv Leadership 9 SH (Complete)
*must earn grades of C/CR or better
At least 6 SH must be at the 300/400 level

For TESU course options, please contact an Advisor

SH Earned: 9

Additional Management or Leadership (Complete)
SH Earned: 9
Source Course Title Term Grade SH TESU # Notes
1 MAN-399 Special Topics in Management 11/06/17 CR 3.00 MAN-399
2 LAS-321 Labor Rel. & Coll. Bargaining 09/27/17 CR 3.00 LAS-321
2 MAN-331 Human Resources Management 09/25/17 CR 3.00 MAN-331
C: Practicum 3 SH (Not started)

So a lot of this degree can be completed via test out. The courses above are pretty much all and davar. I would need to do a specific course to course match to see exactly where they came from. It looks like the biggest hole is in the advanced leadership area. These might be impossible, but maybe not. I do agree with Sanantone that leadership degrees are not really fantastic. The certificate, however, is very doable in terms of test out if you want to attach it to a different degree.
University of Michigan, 1997, BA Ed.; Teaching Certificate: Major: English/Minor: Social Sciences
Marygrove College, 2003, MAT
TESU, 2018 BSBA: Accounting/CIS; ASNSM: Math/Comp. Sci.; Certs: Finance, Org. Lead., Ops. Man., Marketing
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, 2018 Grad. Cert.: Economics Education; 18 Credits to Teach - Economics
There aren't enough courses available for the Advanced Leadership area. All that's available is Proj Mgmt and Prin of Mgmt.

Honestly, you'd be better off with a BALS and a Cert/Concentration in GM or HRM. It is a much easier degree to get, and you can also load up on Leadership courses if you want through (and put them in Free Electives) as well as Psych courses and UL Comm courses.
TESU BSBA in HR, 2018
GGU Cert in Management, 2000

EXAMS: TECEP Tech Writg, Engl Comp 2, LA Math, Public Rel, Computers  DSST Computers, Pers Fin  CLEP Mgmt, Mktg
COURSES: TESU Capstone Pers Fin, Microecon, Stats  Ed4Credit Acct 2  PF Fin Mgmt  ALEKS Int Alg, Coll Alg  Sophia Proj Mgmt The Institutes - Ins Ethics  Kaplan PLA
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