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Where can you take courses from that are not longer accepted for CS major?
(06-12-2023, 01:11 AM)whiverem Wrote: Can I use the operating systems course (Computer Science 305) to learn everything for the WGU operating systems course (C191 I think)?

That is not the most efficient way to learn that course.

About 1/2 of that course is vocab, so learn that. Then when you start WGU, study that course inside Zybook, and you should be good.

Quizlet 600 terms

Quizlet 60 important terms to memorize

It's one of those a mile wide an an inch deep types of courses.
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Does the operating systems course (Computer Science 305) cover everything taught in the WGU operating systems courses (C191 I think)? If not, are there also other similar easy sites that would cover all the stuff taught in the WGU course?

I'm really eager to find this out, and was really hoping someone can answer this. Thank you.

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