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Where to find scholarly journal articles for VESi courses
Hey there,
I have to write summaries of scholarly journal articles written by someone with a Ph D. It cannot be a news, abstract, or blog type of article.
I'm having trouble finding a good source to locate these sumb!tches.
I tried google scholar but it would only bring me to either a preview of the article or the abstract.
Anyone know where I can hunt down free online scholarly journal articles?
Try your local library's webpage. Where I live, my library card gives me access to scholarly databases from the comfort of my home. My spouse uses it also and found tons of articles, journals, books, etc
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If you're enrolled as a student somewhere, your school's library should give you access to online journal databases. (TESC, for example, has access through the NJ State Library) Your local public library often works too, as previously mentioned.
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Have you tried
It is not huge, but there are some scholars publishing there for free.
You may be interested in
I would try Google Scholar again. Most journal articles can be accessed from multiple sites. Some of those sites are behind paywalls, some not. The key to knowing when a free pdf of a GS article is available is on the right hand side of the screen it will say so. Click on the all versions tab to bring up the page with free pdf. if you simply click on the first link to the desired article, it usually brings you to a pay site. For example, search High Intensity Interval Training. The first article returned has 19 versions, click on the "see all versions tab." A page will come with all the versions, the free ones will be identifiable by the light blue url on the right hand side of the screen.

GS takes a little time to learn how to navigate but it has become a fantastic resource for me due to the fact you can quickly cite articles in your chosen format simply by clicking the cite tab. You can also save articles to your GS account for reading later when you are doing a literature review with the save tab. If you have any substantial amount of research to do, go on youtube and find a GS tutorial, you will save yourself a good deal of time & hassle by doing so.
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Thanks guys! I did figure out how to get em through Google Scholar - just click on the ones that have a link on the very right hand side. Thanks a bunch ya'll! Smile

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