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Which College, looking for fast and low cost
The guy that said he did a degree in two months did a management degree. Those are quicker to get than Computer Science.

To do this in two months, you need to:
A: Put in enough hours. (that could mean 80hrs a week)
B: Figure out course-by-course where is the quickest place to take the course
C: Be efficient in studying

It is typical for a butt-in-seat college student with no job to put in 40hrs a week studying. However, I don't think it is realistic to put in 80hrs a week and maintain that for very long.
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Certifications: W3Schools PHP (Completed), Google IT Support (Completed), Google Digital Marketing (Completed), Google Project Management (In Progress), Google Data Analytics (Maybe), Google UX Design (Maybe)
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For B, keep in mind that they could change up the degree requirements in the middle of your term. So a class that used to be fast and easy to complete will no longer be fast & easy. WGU does this kind of thing from time to time, and with no warning as far as I'm aware. You enroll, thinking that you'll be taking XYZ class, but it's been changed to be ABC instead.
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