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Which Major?
I have been wanting to earn a degree through alternative methods of credit for years. I have a little over 60 college credits from community college and taken seven clep exams. My credits are mostly gen eds and communication arts. Assuming everything transfers I'll have most of TESU's gen requirements done. I choose some majors based on my interests, however I am unsure of which one to pursue. I was wondering which of these degree options I should pursue.

The Degrees all from TESU:
  • BSBA in Marketing
  • BA Communications
  • BS in Organizational Leadership
  • BA in Psychology

Things I want to Consider:
  • Usefulness of major in the real world, career opportunities, grad school, etc.
  • Earning as a little credit as possible at TESU, can be earned through alternative methods
  • Credibility/repuation of TESU's program for that major
  • Anything else I should know about a particular major/area of study
  • Easiest, quickest, cheapest, etc.

If anyone is wondering for context I am in my twenties. I don't have any professional career or industry knowledge or experience.
Earned: AA, AAS, AGS
Goal: Bachelors Degree by end of 2019

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