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Which TEEX course is quicker/easier?
I was looking at Basic Property Technician or Foundations of Fingerprint Comparison. I need a 3 credit elective so I was thinking cheap/easy to get done kind of thing.

Does anyone have any comparisons for me? I'd be coming at both of these with no experience.

Thanks in advance!
Started w/ 18 credits in Dec 2018 - going for TESU BALS early 2020! (24): Eng Comp I & II, Pres Skills in the Workplace, Prin of Supervision, Personal Finance, Here's to Your Health, Prin of Mgmt, Tech in the Classroom
StraighterLine (33): Intro to Rel, Intro to CJ, US Hist I/II, Amer Govt, Western Civ I/II, Intro to Env Sci, IT Fund, Cult Anthropology, Pharmacology
Sophia (10): Dev Effective Teams, Visual Comm, Conflict Resolution, Human Biology
SHU (18): Prin of Soc, Prin of Psych, Ethics, Logic, Prin of Econ, Mgmt Info Sys
GCU (8): Univ Success, 21st Century Comm & Info Lit
TEEX UL (3): Death Investigation
Coopersmith UL (6): Drugs, Society and Human Behavior, Foundations of Stress Mgmt, Sport & Exercise Psychology (IP)
CSMLearn (3)
TESU: SOS-110 (registered for Oct)
Basic Property Technician can take a little longer due to the game-like structure that doesn’t let you move fast like you can in Fingerprint Comparison (The current course I am on). I will say, that Fingerprint isn’t entirely easy either since you have to really visually inspect every single fingerprint.

I forgot to mention that with Fingerprint Comparison you only get one chance at the final vs. getting three chances on BPT.
Sophia: Student Success, Developing Effective Teams (1), The Ess. of Managing Conflict (1) Institutes: Ethics/CPCU Code of Professional Conduct (3) TEEX: Cybersecurity 101 (4), Cybersecurity 201 (4), Cybersecurity 301 (4), Basic Property Technician (3), Death Investigation Online (3) CSM: Quant (3) ModernStates/CLEP: College Composition (6)
TEEX: Foundations of Fingerprint Comparison (3)
CLEP: Analyzing & Interpreting Literature (6)
Goal: BALS with a concentration in Social Sciences at TESU
Credits: 32

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