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Would CompTia Certs affect Fema Electives at TESC?
Hello again everyone, I searched around the forums and only found that TESC takes the A+ and Network+ certificates from CompTia as 2 credit CIS free electives each. I am wondering if they would count into the degree with 25 more fema credits for 29 total credits or if they would just take 4 credit spot away from the 25 femas and I would still have only 25 credits that I could use instead of the 29.

A+ exam: CAP-171 Windows 2 semester hours (free elective only)
Network+ exam: Network - CAP-181 Networks 2 semester hours (free elective only)
[SIZE="1"]Total Credits so Far:53/120
B&M Credits:15
FEMA Credits:23
CLEP Credits So Far:12
Intro Psychology 68, Intro Sociology 66, Info Sys & Comp Apps 60, Princ. of Marketing 75
DSST Credits So Far:
Astronomy 60,
CLEP & DSST to Come:
American Government, Princ. of Management, Humanities, Intro Business Law, Princ. of Macro and Micro Economics, Princ. of Accounting, History of the United States I & II
Criminal Justice, Ethics in America, Here’s to Your Health, Introduction to Computing, Intro to World Religions, Management Information Systems, Personal Finance, Principles of Statistics, Substance Abuse
Before making plans to obtain credits for these certs you may want to confirm they actually have a means by which to evaluate them. When I was at TESC they made the announcement they would accept these but they wanted a transcript similar to what Microsoft would send. Comptia publishes a transcript online and sends the recipient a secured link to view it, which just wasn't acceptable to TESC. They then told me to send in certified copies of my certificates but there still was no guarantee they would grant credit. Effing idiots. I finally gave up this pursuit and took a course to complete the necessary requirements.
I m edumakated thanx to distunce lerning.

MEd, Texas A&M University, 2018
MBA, University of North Dakota, 2014
MS, University of Illinois Springfield, 2010
BSBA, Thomas Edison State University, 2008
AS / AAS, Tidewater Community College, 2004
You have 27 free electives at TESC. You can fill them with any combination, but the total is still 27. HOWEVER, when I contacted an adviser about Homeland Security or Emergency Mgmt for my wife, they said some additional FEMAs would count toward one of those two degrees. CHECK WITH YOUR ADVISER TO VERIFY THIS INFO.

I hope this helps. Greg

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