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Would love some advice - TESC degree completion, financial aid, CLEP
I have Medical Laboratory Technician AAS degree and am registered with ASCP (national license). Need BS or BA degree (with requirements) to become eligible for Medical Technologist registry test. I am currently enrolled in an accelerated online BSBA program at Kentucky Wesleyan College. I am not at all interested in the business degree, however this past Oct. 2010, I lost out on a $$$ job due to not having MT certification, thus I immediately decided it (degree) was crucial to my future earning potential. The BSBA was offered 100% online and I was familiar with school.
Up until that point, I have investigated many MLT to MT routes but all required clinical settings which I felt duplicated my experience, either through education or 17 years in the lab. Most of the MLT classes aren't applicable to BSBA thus my quest to find something that would account for my earned credits. I have now discovered the BSAST at TESC.
As of May 6, I will have 98 credits (77 from AAS + 21 BSBA ). I've mapped out my classes and what I need in attached link. (Breakdown of classes) I'd really like to use CLEP testing, but I need the financial aid available to me currently at KWC, at least to get the program started.

Any ideas that are different than the classes I have inserted, knowing now that only online and self guided is compatible with FA? The AST current trends class is a TESC requirement as far as I can tell. Basically I want to utilize FA, minimize cost and accelerate the degree ASAP - same as everybody else, I presume! :willynilly:

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