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Would these likely count for the TESU BA in Computer Science AOS?
I can take these for around $450 per class (covered by work) so I'm be tempted to take them. Especially if they would be accepted by TESU since I want to learn the material anyways and they may fulfill the entire AOS requirement for the BA CS. They are all 'programming' classes which is listed as an example for accepted courses but they are not coded as CS classes.

Server-Side Scripting - PHP1 WEBD 310
Advanced PHP Programming1 WEBD 325
Client Side Scripting- Javascript1 WEBD 330
Advanced Client-Side Scripting1 WEBD 430
Linux Shell Scripting1 NETW 460

BA CS: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Thomas Edison State University
Use the PLA database to look up your courses to see where they might end up.

All of these are probably going to end up as CAP-***, which is bad news since they're too applied for CS.

You should pick programming courses geared for software engineers rather than sysadmin/webdev scripting courses.

Interestingly, an intro to Unix course will come in as COS-283 and that will be accepted. I would not count on the same thing happening with a shell scripting course.

Many of that school's courses with the CSI prefix will work. I'd look there instead and ditch all of these courses.
TESU BA CS and Math (graduated December 2016)
Thanks, that's too bad they wouldn't apply. I wanted these courses specifically more than a 2nd degree (even though having a BA CS would be nice) so I guess that's that. Appreciate the response though! cheersmate
Since work is covering for it,take it anyway as electives

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