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XAMK access to Peppi issues
I finished my last class at XAMK in December but thought I would keep my email address, since that's the only way to access my student record--or at the very least, get a warning if they were going to close it.

Also, I was interested in signing up for another class, which I was going to do this week. Apparently, I should have done that last week, because (dun dun dun) ...

Yesterday XAMK shut down my email account without warning. I can't log into anything, and I can't even seem to *find* Peppi to try to login without being logged in already.

I emailed the openstudies office to ask about this.

I was just wondering if anyone else had run into this issue and if/how it got dealt with.
Where does this link take you?
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(08-03-2022, 01:38 PM)carrythenothing Wrote: Where does this link take you?

Thanks for the link! It takes me to a login page but I get the message "The username you entered cannot be identified" when I enter my credentials.

When I hear back from XAMK, I will update this thread.

In the meantime, I would suggest anybody whose XAMK courses are over to quickly sign up for another open course or to get a HAKA credential as outlined in the wiki to keep continuous access to Peppi.
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Here's the message I got from XAMK:


Thank you for contacting us.

 Your Xamk Pulse study right has been closed, because the Diploma of higher education you participated in has already finished. In order to enrol on the course Health Promotion and Global Health, please follow this link: Health promotion and global health (nonstop start), 5 ECTS cr - Xamk à click ‘’ENROL’’.

 Note that you can start your studies approximately within a week after the enrolment has taken place. At the same time, also your study right will be re-opened and this way you will be able to log in to Xamk systems (Peppi, Learn etc.) with your Xamk ID and check all your information and study attainments.

I hope this answers to your questions. Let me know, if you need any further information.

So I guess that means you lose access to Peppi eventually if you are no longer enrolled. So I guess stay enrolled if you want easy access to your transcript?
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I think there's something about "right to study" lasting 6 months. I guess that's how long you get access to stuff if you're not taking courses. My login is still active, so I just signed up for a couple more free courses to keep it that way for now.
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