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accounting question
:o I feel foolish for asking such a basic question when I studied this so long ago, however... Question 4 of 60- part one manegerial: I know how to calculate net income but where did the $680.70 come from in this solution? Thank you to all who bear with me in my final push before the exam tomorrow morning.
OK- this was a stress effect thread- however, in finding the answer, I realize that I really did know what I was doing. To all who will test Thursday- I will post all that I recall of the test, if my brain doesn't leak out an ear from turning to mush! Hang in there- we'll get through this.
Good luck to you. I will be taking it Thursday as well.
TESC BA Social Sciences (Completed Feb 09)
Up next: Masters In Education/Adult Education and Training
25 Fema Credits -done Big Grin
Cleps taken:
Human Growth & Dev - passed
Intro to Ed Psych - passed
Sociology - passed
Analyz & Int Lit-passed
English w/essay-passed
Princ of Acct-passed Smile
Organizational Behavior-passed
Intro to Computing-passed
Ethics in America DSST-passed
Intro to World Religions-passed
Technical Writing-passed
Social Science & History-passed
Substance Abuse-passed
Civil War and Reconstruction-passed :eek:
Psychology of Women TECEP- passed

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