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new to this board (but not to CLEP'S)
Greetings all I found this board today and wanted to post (both as an intro and to pose a queery)

Does anyone have experinces with AMU currently i am awaiting their Transfer Credits to pop up so i know what to take.

Am Air National Guard (currently deployed) and have been working the testing system to get to within 1 class (a math) to finish two CCAF's.

Over the last month i have been awarded 18 credits from exam (to stack onto the 9 that i had already from exams) and on my days off i am taking three exams a day Going through most of the Dante's and Clep catalog thats available to me.

Now as far as AMU do they simply accept Pass Fail or do they Score results

for me this has been a great oppertunity their free and free is always gooder than not free!
I am not sure what AMU is, but I am curious why not just pick one of the big 3? Doesn't the military pay anyway? I am just curious I am seriously thinking of talking to my son about joining.

Start by doing what is necessary: then do the possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible  St Francis of Assisi

Now a retired substitute Teacher in NY, & SC

AA Liberal Studies TESC '08
BA in Natural Science/Mathematics TESC Sept '10
AAS Environmental safety and Security Technology TESC  Dec '12
thanks AMU or American Military University is a part of American Public University as i am in the ANG or Air National Guard I fall under diffrent guidlines for how my education gets paid for.

and i assume the big three are Excellsior and the other two

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