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saylor proctored exams not available for wgu
i'm looking at the wgu partner page for saylor, it says bus 303, bus 402, cs 102, and cs 302 are all transferable into wgu. however when i go to proctor u to schedule a final, only bus 402 is available. am i doing something wrong? or are these courses not actually available for proctoring, and therefore not transferable into wgu? thanks

here's a quick link to what i'm referring to
If you check you'll see that the missing courses aren't currently available for credit and they're "working on" having them added. If you want to take one or more, I'd contact Saylor to see if they can give you some sort of timeline as to when these courses will be available again.
In progress:
Pierpont - AAS BOG
TESU - BA Computer Science

Sophia (30 courses), The Institutes (old), (2 courses)
ASU: Human Origins, Astronomy, Intro Health & Wellness, Western Civilization
interesting, thank you for the info. guess i'll just stick to

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