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does anyone know which, if any, of courses come in as 300 level or above?
are there any free/low cost upper level liberal arts courses out there?
None are free - there's at least a proctoring fee. is pretty inexpensive. Sophia is only free for a few months as a special promotions. It's normally $329 per class. Here's the list from TESC:

BS Organizational Leadership - CSU Global - anticipated graduation February 2021

AAS Business Administration - community college
AS Individual Studies - community college

Sophia: Environmental Science, Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict, College Algebra, Visual Communication, Microeconomics, Introduction to Information Technology

Sophia - in progress: Introduction to Ethics, Human Biology, Conflict Resolution, Introduction to Statistics, English Composition II

Up next SDC: Business Ethics, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Management Ethics
(07-21-2020, 09:19 PM)nickyberit Wrote: are there any free/low cost upper level liberal arts courses out there?

More info than you asked: sophia at TESU none are upper level. As the others have said, ACE does not bring those in as upper so TESU does not either. However, those who attend COSC (charter oak state college) might still get project management as upper level. But you're not asking about COSC. Smile

At TESU, I recently used an upper level from TEEX called Death Investigation. TESU gave that upper level criminalistics and counted in upper level BA Liberal Studies. It was not free, but low cost of $75 and online.

not free but lower cost: I used some courses from I used an English upper level, and industrial psychology (soon to be in progress). Also got approved for two psychology upper level from Coopersmith Career (which is on TESU provisional list that is linked in ss20ts answer above. ) Coopersmith is $150 per course plus $18 proctor fee with ProctorU. Not free, but that's lower cost to me.

to help with options, look on their site for tesu transfer guide for which courses are eligible.
If you are looking for courses for Upper Level Credit in Area of Study for BA in Liberal Studies, Narrow it down to courses that transfer in as subjects in the liberal studies such as those categories in the Humanities and Social Sciences section of gen ed
in other words, English, Communication, History, Psychology, Sociology, criminal justice, and those similar areas.

Those are the commonly mentioned providers on here for upper level at TESU. (edit to add: although I have not used Davar Academy, there may be some of their business courses that tesu will cross over into upper level liberal studies list such as Phil 384 or Man 373. ask your advisor for approval on those. Davar is low cost as well. check its website for tesu transfer list when contacting your tesu advisor for pre approval)

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