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  TESU - when to apply?
Posted by: Clepper43 - 02-13-2019, 06:40 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (7)

Forgive me - this is a newbie question! I have lurked and searched quite a bit and not found the answer. My son is applying to TESU, probably in English. He has an associates and some of that is CLEP credit. Should he apply to TESU and then do all the alternative credits to fulfill degree? Or should he try to get credits first and then apply? 

It seems (again, sorry) that he should apply first and then he would know what he needs to do for the rest of the degree? 

I see SDC offers 1 month free if you are enrolling at TESU, but do you do that after you take SDC courses?

Or do you enroll at TESU only when you are ready to do the final capstone? I am aware of the encouragement to do it before July 2019 as it is turning into a 3 credit course. 

Thanks for any help!  Big Grin

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  HELP!!! College Math CLEP TOMORROW!
Posted by: SARAHEM85 - 02-13-2019, 03:52 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (4)

Confused I am freaking out...I am taking the College Math CLEP exam tomorrow and I just took the free-clep-prep practice test and only scored a 38.33%, which was 23/60 correct. Does anyone know if this is similar to what the actual exam will be like? Does this mean I am gonna fail tomorrow! I have so many different resources that I don't know where to begin. Also I don't think we covered surface area or cartesian product in my class....IF ANYONE COULD OFFER ANY ADVICE IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!

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  Downside of Being in an International Program
Posted by: sanantone - 02-13-2019, 03:31 PM - Forum: Graduate School Discussion - Replies (4)

My program at University of Florida is a joint program with University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I guess it's kind of cool to see how things work in other countries, but forensics is very legal-specific. The instructor for one of my current courses is in Scotland.

We had an assignment on child abuse, which should be easy for me because I used to assess child abuse and neglect reports. I'm fuming because I got a 91. My point deductions were based on not recommending that the medical professional contact the school for attendance and other non-medical records before making a report to law enforcement or social services. Well, the U.S. has this little law called FERPA!

I also got points taken off because I recommended that the hospital immediately contact law enforcement or social services after the father left the hospital with a young child covered in bruises after telling a suspicious story and before the child could be examined. My instructor thinks that the hospital should contact various family members and basically conduct their own investigation before making a report. 

Do you know what is the problem with this? In the U.S., states have mandated reporter laws. If a medical professional suspects abuse, and the injuries aren't consistent with an accident or a known medical condition, then they have to report. The UK has no mandated reporting law!

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  Free Insurance Ethics - alternative course
Posted by: Luka1110 - 02-13-2019, 11:13 AM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, Shmoop.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - No Replies

Hello everyone,

I'm currently taking SL courses and my aim is to finish a BALS at TESU by the end of this year. I'm wondering if SL offers an alternative to the Free Insurance Ethics course. I saw SL has "Business Ethics - BUS106". Does it have the same equivalency? I find the Free Insurance Ethics Course a bit hard to understand.

Thanks a lot,

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  GRE Subject Test - Pitfalls of COSC Transcript
Posted by: sanantone - 02-13-2019, 09:15 AM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (2)

I pulled up an old email response from COSC explaining how the GRE subject test credits are listed on the transcript.

Quote:The transcript breaks the GRE in Biology down only in the manner of levels:  Basic/Introductory (6) credits – Intermediate (9) credits – upper (9) credits.  We do not distinguish any subject matter on the transcript.

That looks pretty bad, doesn't it? If you're trying to prove to the USPTO or an employer that your general studies degree with a concentration is the equivalent of a major in biology, chemistry, etc., they won't be able to tell. Government jobs asking for specific courses or a minimum number of credits are going to look at transcripts.

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  New Data: 60% of Students Graduate Within 8 Years
Posted by: Life Long Learning - 02-13-2019, 01:44 AM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (8)



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  BACS Degree Plan - Please Provide Feedback
Posted by: Zataralos - 02-13-2019, 12:08 AM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (4)

After quite a bit of research and exchanging information with some of you here on this Forum, I've decided to pursue a BACS from TESU. Yes, I know I can probably get an IT BS cheaper at WGU but personally, I'm comfortable spending the $5K.

I've pulled my hair-out (whatever is left) trying to narrow the right course-curriculum that will help me achieve my goals. I'm planning on testing out all the classes I can possible test out and my goal in to complete by EOY (9 month). With 25+ years of professional and life experience, I'm hoping to move through this portion quickly.

In case you're wondering how I got the the cost, I'm assuming I can get test vouchers for all the CLEPs through ModerStates. Even if I can't get them all, I can split them with OnlineDegree and the cost increase would be nominal at best. For the SDC courses, I'm assuming 2 classes a month which makes each class ~$100.

Here's where I'm stuck. I have 3 highlights classes I'm not crazy about and will consider options, especially if they're cheaper Smile.

1. Information Literacy - Information Sciences - Right now that's a course through SDC. Is there an alternative I can use to CLEP?
2. Intro to Criminal Justice - Is there another Knowledge and Human Culture class I can CLEP?
3. To meet the 18 UL credits, I have Cloud Computing as a CS Elective. Can't seem to find an online class for it. Is there a better 300+ UL class I can take?

Thanks for all the feedback and recommendations. Looking forward to start banking those credits Smile

Attached Files
.xlsx   Degree Plan BACS.xlsx (Size: 18.23 KB / Downloads: 17)
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  Understanding USCD Extension's Numbering System
Posted by: sanantone - 02-12-2019, 07:29 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - No Replies

University of California - San Diego explains which extension courses are credit-bearing. When transferring credits, there might be some confusion because UCSD puts "professional" and "credit-bearing" within the descriptions for the professional level education courses and post-baccalaureate professional courses. Some may know that TESU will automatically reject courses if "professional" is in the description. So, you might want to ask for pre-approval and give them the link I'm including below to see what they say. 


UCSD is on the quarter system, and many of their courses are only worth three units. That means that they'll come in as two semester hours if the institution you're transferring to will accept them.

Excuse the mix up of letters in the title.

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  Certificate at TESU
Posted by: scout2family - 02-12-2019, 06:30 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (18)

Was curious how the Certificates are viewed-- is it like saying you have a 'minor' in (insert Cert name here)?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the best way to utilize my time, having everything done for the BSBA GM, except for the Capstone, and still have time on the clock before graduating in Sept. I've got all of this momentum and no more classes to complete for the BSBA. I don't do well at idle. LOL

ALSO-- hubby has TONS of ACE credit that TESU suggested he change his BSBA plan to BS Tech Studies-- but none are UL and he's got no real interest in Com Sci to complete the UL's. Can he then potentially just use those courses to get an Associates and/or Cert-- on top of graduating this Sept with his BSBA?

As always--- thank you!

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  New wiki degree plan links?
Posted by: bethanyneedsajob - 02-12-2019, 06:19 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (10)

You guys. I’ve just stubbornly spent two whole days looking through every post that I could think of. I can’t seem to figure out how to actually access the degree plan spreadsheets anymore. The links are broken or something. All I want is a recent spreadsheet plan for Tesu’s gen ed and hopefully a plan for their BA in Biology. The old posts had good info (I found the spreadsheet Plan links don’t work), and I feel like maybe some of the discussions are outdated because of the now available onlinedegree.com and modern states options. I just want to get started and need some encouragement that the several classes I’ve been working on are going to be useful. Plus I like to be organized. Any help finding working links would be greatly appreciated.

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