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  TESU and Sophia Project Management course
Posted by: mcquacks2 - 08-15-2019, 02:26 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (2)

Can someone tell me IF TESU is still taking Sophia's project management course and if they are, the course number?  It's not currently listed on the Sophia TESU transfer chart.  I don't want to waste the money if they aren't going to take it.

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  DSST for 8th grader
Posted by: BigDaddy1 - 08-15-2019, 11:32 AM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (3)

So, I WON a FREE DSST exam voucher!  As such, I was going to have my 8th grader take a test.  She has not taken any CLEP or DSST.  What would you recommend for her as an easier one?  Also, what resources do you recommend for studying?  We homeschool.  Smile

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Posted by: helpmedegree - 08-15-2019, 10:53 AM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (9)


I have all of my degree requirements met except for these three courses. I wanted to know if anyone is aware of a TECEP or Study.com (or any other avenues) that I can use to satisfy them so that I can get my associates degree.

Oral Communication 3SH (Not started)
Ethical Leadership 3SH (Not started)

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  Need help with Gen / UL courses
Posted by: SweetsugarNL - 08-15-2019, 08:25 AM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, OnlineDegree.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (4)

So, im done with the free courses (for international students).

Now i need general courses and UL courses.
I still not know how much credits i get.

If i get credits it are a bun in communications, 1 course project management, 1 course politics, 1 course psycology and 1course sociology, if if if i these credits get.
In the main time i would like to work on my gen electives and UL courses.

Iknow i need math and English 1 and 2, biology with lab if i go for cosc.

So what courses can i best do?
I would like to do some Smhoop if i like it, but these are not UL. I like shmoop for the literature and arts courses. And they have also sciense, American gouverment and history but its not ul.
And ofcourse the Sophia Ancient Greek but this is not an gen and it dont transfers to cosc.

Because im not sure if, and how much credits i get, it is a real puzzle.

Who have advice?
I think it is better to take history as ul?

And if i not go for excelcior, wich English 1 and 2 are te best / easyiest?

I dont have my credits evalueted before somewhere in september so i really want do knock some courses out int the main time.

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  Finishing HS with CLEP/DSST
Posted by: Suzie - 08-14-2019, 08:25 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (6)

Hi, I am new here. My name is Suzie and I live full-time in a motor home with my husband and 6 kids ranging in age from 10-21. We are traveling the US (48 contiguous) for 12-18 months. We've been in 45 of the states so far. We are homeschooling on the road (Just a little background so you know me).

My question for today revolves around my third son. He's a HS senior this year. We are trying to finish up his HS transcript and are looking to do that through taking more CLEP/DSST in order to get those credits transferred to a college when he's done with HS.

He already has 30 college credits through CLEP that translate to 10 HS credits already.

For his two older brothers we used CollegePlus and they are both Computer Science majors at TESU. 

This son however, wants a Graphic Design major (which TESU does not offer) and we are no longer using CollegePlus (now Lumerit) so I am kind of navigating this alone. 

A friend suggested this forum for guidance. Smile

Main question is how do I find out which CLEPS will transfer into a college? I can see the degree program from a college and I can also pull up their transfer database....but how do I know what they really will accept? I have tried calling admissions counselors but they push me to get him enrolled and we're not at the point yet. It's kinda like that information is privy only if you're promising to send your kid there. I, on the other hand, want that info before making that decision so we can make a wise decision of where to attend (looking to do as much online as possible). 
He only needs 4-6 more HS credits and I want to make the best use of his time by choosing the best CLEP/DSSTs that will benefit him on the college level. We don't want to have him studying for CLEP/DSSTs that are going to be worthless when it comes to transferring.
Nor do I want a bunch of excess credits cluttering up his HS transcript. Plus, he'd like to graduate in December of this year if possible.

Question #2
We are considering Liberty University to transfer in to. His CORE classes for the graphics design degree would entail 73 credit hours in "ARTS" (design, illustrating, imaging etc). 
Is there somewhere else we should be looking that he can take these kinds of classes and then transfer in to the university to finish up (likely the 300/400 classes)? Where would I find such classes and know they are transferable? I do know that this particular college, LU, wants 30 core credits taken through them in order to give him their degree (which is very understandable).

Wow, if you have read all that and are still with me, bless you!

I appreciate you sharing whatever knowledge you have with me. Thanks much!

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  TEEX Cyber 101/102/103
Posted by: Salamander - 08-14-2019, 03:50 PM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, OnlineDegree.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (4)

Hey everyone,

Followed the advice of some on here and passed the property technician and death investigation courses on TEEX to count towards social sciences reqs. I have read some conflicting info though regarding the cybersecurity free courses, more specifically being unsure how many credit hours they would transfer in as to TESU. Some sources say 2 each while other have them listed as 4 each.

If anyone has any recent info I would really appreciate it.

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  TESU: BSBA in Accounting/CPA
Posted by: rlsyoung - 08-14-2019, 03:00 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (8)

Hey guys. Currently looking at enrolling in TESU for their accounting program. I really want to get a degree that I can get some type of license for. Currently an LPN and trying to break free from that.  I will post my current guide set up below. How do you guys think it looks? Any suggestions? Also is there a better online school for Accounting that I can test out of and get a Masters in Accounting or Finance there?

PS: I hear people say if you're going to do Business go through WGU. Why is this? Tell me more.

My class guide:
Thomas Edison State University: BSBA in Accounting/CPA
I. General Education Requirements (60)
 A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15)
  a. Written Communication: CLEP - College Composition (6)
  b. Oral Communication: Study.com - Communications 102 (3)
  c. Quantitative Literacy: CLEP - College Algebra (3)
  d. Information Literacy: TESU - SOS-110: Critical Information Literacy (3)
 B. Civic and Global Learning (9)
  a. Diversity: CLEP - Introductory Sociology (3)
  b. Ethics: Study.com - Business 108 (3)
  c. Civic Engagement: - CLEP: American Government (3)
 C. Knowledge of Human Cultures (9)
  a. CLEP - Humanities (6)
  b. CLEP - Introductory Psychology (3)
 D. Understanding the Physical and Natural World (4-7)
  a. CLEP - Natural Sciences (6)
 E. Mathematics (3)
  a. Study.com - Statistics 101 (3)
 F. General Education Electives (17-20)
  a. Study.com - Accounting 301
  b. Study.com - Accounting 303
  c. Study.com - Finance 301
  d. Study.com - Finance 302
  e. Study.com - Finance 303
  f. Study.com - Finance 304

II. Professional Business Requirements (36)
  a. CLEP - Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
  b. Study.com - Accounting 102 (3)
  c. CLEP - Introductory Business Law (3)
  d. CLEP - Principles of Management (3)
  e. CLEP - Information Systems (3)
  f. CLEP - Principles of Marketing (3)
  g. Study.com - Finance 101 (3)
  h. Study.com - Business 120 (3)
  i. CLEP - Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
  j. CLEP - Principles of Microeconomics (3)
  k. Study.com - Business 113 (3)
  l. TESU - Business Administration Capstone (3)

III. Area of Study: Accounting/CPA (24)
  a. Study.com - Accounting 201 (3)
  b. Study.com - Accounting 202 (3)
  c. Study.com - Accounting 302 (3)
  d. TESU - Advanced Accounting II (3)
  e. TESU - Auditing (3)
  f. TESU - Federal Income Taxation I (3)
  g. TESU - FAM-540: Finance and Accounting for Managers (3)***
  h. TESU - MKM-560: Marketing Management (3)***
***Will Transfer to MS in Management: Accounting program.

Attached Files
.pdf   TESU-BSBA-AccountingCPA.pdf (Size: 75.81 KB / Downloads: 3)
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  Moving from UoL to one of the Big Three
Posted by: Amator - 08-14-2019, 01:47 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (2)

Hello, I'm an American who has completed the first year of the B.A. in Combined Studies (English major/Philosophy minor) program at the University of London, earning a Certificate of Higher Education in Combined Studies (English/Philosophy) degree. I did well enough on my exams (the equivalent of a 3.75 GPA) and enjoyed studying at UoL, but I'm thinking of moving to one of the Big Three so I can pursue one class at a time in an accelerated format gaining credit by examination rather than having to wait half the year to continue with my next four classes (UoL's academic year starts in October and ends on the first week of May). 

My goal is to complete an accredited humanities BA within the next two years as I'd like to start a M.Div program at a particular seminary. I already have a good job working in tech, so I don't need this degree for any financial reasons, I just need it as a prerequisite for the program I want to begin at the seminary, ideally in Fall 2021. 

> Each UoL course has a value of 30 UK credits or 15 ECTS credits, equivalent to 300 notional study hours.

Since UK credits are a bit different than US credits (a full UK bachelor's degree consists of only 12 individual classes, usually pursued four classes per year for three years), my concern is schools in the Big Three might view the four courses I've taken as a total of 12 credit hours (1/10th of a BA from TESU) rather than the higher value that UoL places on those classes. 

I'm hoping that someone here might be able to offer any guidance if there's a way I can move forward as quickly as possible through one of the Big Three. If not, perhaps my best path forward is to continue with UoL.

Thank you.

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  College Comp CLEP
Posted by: BrighterFuture88 - 08-13-2019, 09:37 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (1)

Hey all!  Recently, I just passed the Modern States CLEP, received my voucher and signed up for the exam on the 28th.  This will be my first ever CLEP exam and I am quite nervous, but I have faith in myself.  I took the first practice test from Peterson’s yesterday and scored a 70%, which I am proud of.  I will also take the other two and hopefully knock out some good scores while studying with my IC flash cards.  Enough of me blabbering on.  

So, just like most people, I’m studying hard in preparation of the essay portions and trying to figure out some tips on how to speed up the process.  I’m only practicing the first essay for now until I have in-line citations down.  I have read in a few places that it’s better to shorten your paragraphs to 4 instead of the normal 5 and I was wondering if that theory holds any merit?  I’m trying to find ways to give myself enough time to write, but I seem to be hitting the time limit every time I practice.  From what I have read, it’s the normal 5x5 method that consists of the intro paragraph, three body paragraphs and the conclusion paragraph.  

Also, with the links to works provided, are we also required to write out the Works Cited page by memory, or are we spared of that and just mainly doing the in-line citations?  Are they APA or MLA?  I just want to be prepared for this and know what to study before-hand, so I hope these questions aren’t stupid by any means.  Thank you all so much for your help!

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  Filling COS 101
Posted by: FishNDip - 08-13-2019, 09:36 PM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, OnlineDegree.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (2)

Hey, trying to full up my COS 101 and I'm looking at 2 courses on my spread sheet. Business 104: Information Systems and Computer Applications. This course has 12 chapters, -Business 109: Intro to computing, which has 10 chapters. Anyone have experience with these two? Should I take intro to computing since it has less chapters?

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