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Who was your POTUS? - ShotoJuku - 06-07-2011

[COLOR="Navy"]After reading a blurb on anoher thread I was wondering as to who was the President of the United States (POTUS) when you were born?

For me it was POTUS-34: Dwight David Eisenhower :patriot:

How about you?

[SIZE="3"]To make things a bit easier to post and track I've added a poll so even if you have already posted a comment please feel free to vote as well.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"]BTW: There was only room for 10 choices thus I opted not to include POTUS Obama, Bush 43, or even FDR.[/SIZE]

Who was your POTUS? - LaterBloomer - 06-07-2011

Ditto. Ditto. (Put the second one in 'cause messages have to be at least 10 characters long.)

Who was your POTUS? - Lindagerr - 06-07-2011

:iagree: we are showing our age Wink

Who was your POTUS? - ShotoJuku - 06-07-2011

Lindagerr Wrote::iagree: we are showing our age Wink

No, your "still undisclosed" POTUS will.

Who was your POTUS? - PonyGirl93 - 06-07-2011

<cough> Clinton. Speaking of showing our age :nopity:

Who was your POTUS? - marianne202 - 06-07-2011

My POTUS - JFK. So now I'm flashing my age too!

Who was your POTUS? - FinancialWorld - 06-07-2011

H.W. Bush for me. That doesn't make me that old does it? LOL

Who was your POTUS? - Elinor - 06-07-2011

FinancialWorld Wrote:H.W. Bush for me. That doesn't make me that old does it? LOL
Ditto that one.

Who was your POTUS? - P00057870 - 06-07-2011

Harry S. Truman - talk about showing your age hilarious

I actually remember Eisenhower.

Who was your POTUS? - clep3705 - 06-07-2011

Fyi, there really was a man who had been comatose for about 20 years when Richard M. Nixon was POTUS in his first term. The man came out of his coma. It was reported in the media and was probably the inspiration for the joke. Also, former POTUS Dwight Eisenhower died during Nixon's first term. One other bit of history relevant to the joke is that when Eisenhower was POTUS, he had several illnesses including a heart attack and a stroke. The president's health was an issue of public concern during the 1950s. Richard Nixon was vice-president to president Dwight Eisenhower.

Now for the joke:

A man who had been in a coma since the 1950s came out of his coma during Richard Nixon's second term. He was told that he'd been unconscious for an extended period of time. The man said, "Tell me how President Eisenhower is." He was told than President Eisenhower was dead.

After hearing this sad news, the man said, "Oh no, with Eisenhower dead, we're doomed because Richard Nixon is president" and then the man suddenly died of a heart attack.