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Celebrate! - ZsaZsa - 04-15-2015

:hurray: Just found out that I will be getting an award at COSC graduation...the Doris G. Cassiday Award..."given to one or more graduates who have achieved excellence in learning by earning credits through multiple methods and thereby exemplifying the essence of the Charter Oak mission."

Celebrate! - AngelaP - 04-15-2015


Celebrate! - studymom - 04-15-2015


Celebrate! - cookderosa - 04-15-2015

Excellent! That's great, congratulations!

Celebrate! - rebel100 - 04-15-2015

That's awesome! I'm proud of you! Smile

Doris was my advisor and an all around warm, genuinely considerate, and very smart woman that helped me a lot. Did you know she was with COSC from the beginning and helped guide and craft the school with their innovative approach to education. She passed away recently Doris Cassiday Obituary - Stamford, CT | The Advocate

Again, congratulations, well done.

Celebrate! - ArtGurl - 04-15-2015

Congratulations! That's awesome!

Celebrate! - Prloko - 04-15-2015

Great job! Time to buy yourself something nice.

Celebrate! - ZsaZsa - 04-15-2015

Prloko Wrote:Great job! Time to buy yourself something nice.

That "something nice" is going to be the trip from IN to CT for graduation.

Celebrate! - LaterBloomer - 04-15-2015

How neat! And it's great that you're going to CT to walk. That's something I wouldn't want to miss.

Celebrate! - SuZQ2 - 04-15-2015

Congratulations!!!!! :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

Have a wonderful time at your graduation ceremony!