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Specific Exam Feedback - ShotoJuku - 10-27-2015


Greetings IC-Forum-Classroom -

I am reaching out to any and all IC Forum Members and InstantCert Flashcard Subscribers for their help, aid, and assistance by providing YOUR own Specific Exam Feedback for any exams that you have taken.


Because as important as our InstantCert Flashcards are as a proven method and study tool for success, your input can also be equally invaluable to our growing number of students.

If you're already an InstantCert member and do not have access, then you NEED to go to Sign in to InstantCert Academy. AFTER you log in, you will be prompted for your FORUM username and password.


Please post YOUR Specific Exam Feedback today and pass on what you have learned and just how to succeed!


[Image: FEEDBACK16151096_s123RF060813pD.jpg]

Specific Exam Feedback - Prloko - 10-27-2015


Specific Exam Feedback - cookderosa - 10-27-2015

I can tell you when I was testing, the specific exam feedback folders were SO HELPFUL and useful. Yes, please post your feedback!!

Specific Exam Feedback - CLS - 11-02-2015

Hello, I have almost completed my course and I am still unsure that I am prepared to take the actual CLEP Exam at my local college.I have 12 assignments and I have been getting anywhere from 50%-60% on all my scores. Is that good enough to pass the actual CLEP EXAM?
Is there a way in your system to back and view all of my scores for each assignment??
What is the suggested passing score that I should be getting on all of these assignments to be able to pass the actual CLEP EXAM?
Also how many assignments should I be doing weekly?

I would appreciate some feed back.

Specific Exam Feedback - TimCaleb - 02-12-2016

A pass on CLEP is a 50, or approximately 66% correct. I would recommend Peterson's practice exams; they are $20.00 for a set of three full-length exams, but cheaper than a retry on the exam after a failure! They are significantly harder than the actual exam, so I accept scores above 55%, and I have passed both of the exams that I have already taken!

Specific Exam Feedback - bjcheung77 - 06-18-2016

Does anyone have any exam feed back for the following Saylor Courses?
I am taking them now, and want to do the exams at the end of the month.

1) Business Statistics
2) Business Law
3) Calculus I
4) Corporate Communications
5) Intro to Comp Science I (Java)
6) Intro to Western Political Thought
7) Principles of Management
8) Principles of Marketing

Thanks, Just looking to see if there was/were anything "funky".
Otherwise, I'll just review the quizzes and practice tests until I think I'm good.

Specific Exam Feedback - FutureRN1977 - 07-02-2016

How do I find specific Exam Feed back on world religions on here? I see posts that say that mfu's are the best I can't find anything from anyone

Specific Exam Feedback - jsd - 07-02-2016

have you subscribed to InstaCert already?

Specific Exam Feedback - motivated-1 - 08-25-2016

I just completed the CLEP Biology exam and I would suggest asking your testing center what the date version of the testing software they are using. I studied the 2016 version of Biology CLEP and did not find the College Board test packet helpful for the test itself. I had better reference material with InstantCert flash cards and with

I ended up with a 43 and passing is a 50. The test questions did NOT resemble the test packet from College Board. I was hugely disappointed because I studied over a month using the College Board materials, and Khan Academy, and InstantCert. The question bank did not resemble the questions from the study material so I would recommend finding a syllabus for biology I and II from a reliable college resource, the textbook used for the college resource, and test yourself on the questions in the textbook.

Specific Exam Feedback - Clarebugg - 09-29-2016

I took U.S. History One a while back, before I was using instantCert. I got a 47 (only three away from the passing score) using College Board materials. Unfortunately, I found that the college board studying materials did not match the questions on the test at all. So now I am using instantCert, and I am going to try this clep test again. Using instantCert I feel like I'm getting better everyday, and I remember questions on the test being very similar to the instantCert flashcards.