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TESC Question - jason96r - 01-13-2008

I am currently taking my final 2 classes at American Military University for a BA in Homeland Security. I would like to transfer my credits to TESC for completion of a BA in Criminal Justice, as that was my previous major before I switched to Homeland Security. I know there is a fee and they would tell me what I would need to take to finish. What is the process for sending the credits for the final 3 classes I would need to graduate from TESC, I'm taking a freshman math class and believe I would need atleast 2 more CJ courses for completion. Thank you in advance for your help.


TESC Question - jason96r - 01-13-2008

After reading the post forgot to say I know to get the review there is a fee, but to get the final few courses added is there another fee or do I enroll and everything is taken care of from there. BTW, I would not enroll until all the classes they tell me to take would be completed.