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Proctoring... Hmmm - MrBossmanJr - 12-25-2018

Seeing all these issues with proctoring software, I wonder if it would be easy to create our own proctoring software and business and get itĀ up and running with sponsor support. I mean it can't be too hard to create a secure and friendly recording software. Just a business idea.

RE: Proctoring... Hmmm - bluebooger - 12-25-2018

something that works on every version of Mac, every version of Windows, every version of linux

something that works on laptops and desktops

something that isn't flagged by any anti-virus program

something that works with every web cam, every browser

something that works for every user regardless of technical savvy

could probably be done - doubt it would be easy

RE: Proctoring... Hmmm - MrBossmanJr - 12-25-2018

OoO, true. Accounting for all platforms would be difficult.

RE: Proctoring... Hmmm - bjcheung77 - 01-02-2019

LOL, and besides - basically, there are a few players (5, 6, or 7?) dominating the scene already.
Doubt I think it's possible to do since the competition is fierce as it is now somewhat saturated...