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TESU Degree Plan, Help? - Aaronralph - 02-10-2020

Hello everyone,
Just want to start by saying this site has been incredible, and thank you to all the contributors. I am working on my plan to earn a BSBA in general management at Thomas Edison, while I have found a lot of great plans that people are willing to share, I’d like to make my own and am just looking for the complete course requirements that they would give to their average students to fulfill. I’m trying to use the regular plan as a sort of rubric while I research possible equivalents for each course. I did reach out to TESU to see if they could supply me with the plan that and enrolling student would receive but haven’t got anything yet. The requirements listed on their website have been a big help so far, but it would help a lot to see the requirements listed as TESU courses. Thanks you in advance for any help you can give me!

Aaron Ralph

RE: TESU Degree Plan, Help? - allvia - 02-13-2020

TESU will not assist you with planning a degree with outside sources; which is what we talk about here. If you have started a plan you should post it and ask for feedback from forum members.  We can tell you if you're on the right path, or if something you planned doesn't work (maybe something was once ok, but now it is not) or make recommendations for credits you have not figured out the best option.

RE: TESU Degree Plan, Help? - LevelUP - 02-13-2020

With TESU you have to ask if each individual course will work with your degree plan. Then it's also a good idea later to ask them to add it to your degree plan.

Course mapping lists for each provider can help.

RE: TESU Degree Plan, Help? - bjcheung77 - 02-14-2020

If you want to see a sample spreadsheet template, you can view my signature links, post #28/31 has templates.
Basically, the only way to make your own is to view the equivalency pages on the providers you want to use.
The information you want is already in the guide, there are links to the equivalency pages.