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A thank you (and hello!) - innen_oda - 05-22-2020

A quick hello and note of appreciation to everyone here who contributes to this forum. I've been lurking since mid/late 2018, and since that time have had the opportunity to take a number of Sophia courses, a bunch of random non-credit courses, a few other ACE-accredited courses, and even been able to visit Fargo, North Dakota in the midst of a cross-planet move during July last year, where I got to meet ErieHiker in person. I also had an absolute blast learning about structural microbiology for a week - something I never thought I'd say.

I was inspired to properly join here after taking another course yesterday avo (the Eller Education Leadership certificate course) and seeing, unbelievably, a familiar name amongst the list of course participants. A quick chat with ErieHiker made me realise just how many courses and opportunities I've been able to undertake over the last 18 months as a result of this (and the sister) forum. So here I am, joining and (for those of you also in yesterday's Leadership courses) attaching my real life identity to an online name (eeek).

Truly: THANK YOU to everyone who posts here with thoughts of advice and insight, provides links to amazing free and low-cost courses, and even the snarky and cranky comments that give me a chuckle.

I don't have a lot of insight or leads on free courses (how some of you are constantly finding this stuff I don't know!), so you'll probably only ever really see my handle in the 'who's online' list. Still, please know how much I've appreciated the absolutely superb input from so many of you. It's awesome. :-)