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Why are you earning credit this way?
For me I have difficulty in a normal classroom setting unless I have a deep seeded interest in the topic. I can spend all day in a classroom learning about Roman History, but if I have to go sit down in a Creative Writing or Philosophy class I am going to end up leaving and dropping.

I decided to "test out" using CLEP, and after looking around and lurking on I found ACE credit, too. I'm plugging away on a few sites and services to complete as much of my BS as I can in the comfort of my own home.

Being 33 I decided it was time to do what I was passionate about and I need a masters to do it. So I am hoping online ED fills the gaps for me. I am also not 100% sure my ACE credits will transfer to my university so I am excited to share my results when my transcript evals come back. Smile
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