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ACE ??
OK, so I finished the ethics course at the institutes and have read I'm suppose to make an account at ACE?? Can someone please explain what this is and maybe drop in a link. Is there a fee? Do you do it as you go or all at once. Thanks

It is free to add courses and bank everything as you work through your plan, but there will be a fee once you need to send out a transcript from ACE to the school you want to send the courses to. Some people wait until they have all the ACE courses they need on their transcript to send, others do it incrementally. It costs each time you need to send a transcript (I think $15 the first time, $20 each additional time, but that might be outdated).

Here is a guide on how to set up your account and add courses

(this users "McDonalds Corporation" as an example, but you'd of course search by the actual provider of the course. For The Institutes ethic course, you'd search for American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, Insurance Institute of America, and likewise for other providers you'd search for their name like StraighterLine or etc)
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Here is the link to sign up with ACE -
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