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  Google Data Analytics Certification
Posted by: morri414 - 4 hours ago - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (1)

Does anyone know if TESU will accept Google Data Analytics Certification for credits?  If so, How many?

Thanks in advance!

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  Should I said something? (Bogus PhD)
Posted by: MrPanda - 6 hours ago - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (3)

I´m teaching 2 courses at an institute at a poor region of Peru (remote).

Here institutes teach 3 years careers (technicians), but then they can go to university if they want, but they would usually need to study 3 more years (6 in total, instead of the normal 5 years bachelor degrees).

And they started hiring a person to talk about "Transformational Leadership".

Okay, not my favorite topic, but I can listen and try to learn.

But the lady started talking about how she was an example, since she studied so much and got certifications, and then she also mentioned: "I have a Doctorate in International Business".

Even in the cover picture of her Linkedin profile, it says "Ph. D". Really big.

However, there was no Ph.D. at all in the national registry.
And her Ph.D. at linkedin was listed as lasting for 1 year.

When I looked up the "school", it was obviously a non-accredited Florida "school".

Should I call my superior to tell them that they should look it up?

Maybe it doesn´t matter, since the topics of the conferences are so soft, and the PhD is not a requirement at all, but if she´s is putting herself as an example about what the others can do. I don´t know if that´s correct.

Maybe I shouldn´t say anything. Who knows the correct answer.

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  MBA grad with >$300k salary complains about MBA student loan
Posted by: smartdegree - 11 hours ago - Forum: Graduate School Discussion - Replies (7)

I posted this on a reddit thread but also posting here.  


Seven years after earning her MBA, she still has just over $180,000 in student loan debt. “It doesn’t hurt me, but it’s still a factor in my decision-making,” Cristobal says. “I’ve always had to plan around the student loans.”

But Cristobal is not in a hurry to wipe out her federal loan debt just yet, on the slim hope that the Biden administration launches a forgiveness program. “This is where you start gambling a little bit,” Cristobal says with a chuckle. 

Yet she’s well aware that her chances of getting $50,000 or even $10,000 knocked off her outstanding balance are minimal. “Nothing AOC or Bernie Sanders has put forward will benefit me. I’m now too successful to count,” says Cristobal, who feels like she’s being punished for her success.

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  How smart do you have to be to finish an IT, software dev, or cs degree at WGU?
Posted by: whiverem - Yesterday, 02:28 PM - Forum: WGU - Western Governors University Discussion - Replies (4)

How smart is the average WGU student? Are there people who are not so smart who still finish?

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  TESU for a BALS with no concentration
Posted by: javabeanstudio - Yesterday, 11:56 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (4)

After some dithering I have settled on attending TESU for a BALS with no concentration.
After transferring my AAS credits and completing a number of Sophia courses this is what I have left to complete.

SOS-110 Critical Information Literacy will take at Thomas Edison State University
LIB-495 Liberal Arts Capstone Course will take at Thomas Edison State University
3 credits Civic Engagement and Awareness 
15 credits Liberal Studies (UL)
5 credits Electives (LL)

My goal is to take 16 credits at TESU. 
I would appreciate suggestions on how best to handle the remaining credits.
What would make sense to take at TESU and what would be better taken at Sophia/SDC/etc.?

My advisor suggested SDC Political Science 103: Comparative Politics for the Civic Engagement and Awareness 3 credits. Is this the best choice?

My advisor also suggested SDC Business 324: Managerial Communication and Business 313: Organizational Communication. However, I think she only suggested these because she said she knew off the top of her head that these would transfer in as UL credits. I would love some suggestions on what SDC/SL/etc. UL credits would be easiest/fastest to fulfill at least 6SH for UL classes.

I would like suggestions on UL classes would be easiest/fastest to take at TESU? I have seen people talking about classes like BIO 310: Biology and Behavior of Dogs and English 393: One Writer's Vision: Jane Austen and LIB-320 The Music of War & Peace and COM-339 The Story of Human Language as being pretty easy/fast to get through. Any first hand experience or other suggestions?

Not sure what to do about the 5 LL credits I need. Do I take 2 more Sophia LL classes which would more than cover the 5 LL elective credits? Would that screw up my 16 TESU credits?

Also, I am considering the Google UX Design professional certificate. It is something I am interested in learning as an artist. Has anyone completed this? Level of difficulty and time to completion? How does that transfer processes to TESU work and what does this transfer as (UL vs LL)? 

AAS = 58 credits transferred
Sophia classes completed = 27 credits completed (not yet transferred to TESU)
Public Speaking
Conflict Resolution
Environmental Science
Financial Accounting
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Statistics
U.S. History I

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  Amberton Masters Degree
Posted by: learningthehardway - Yesterday, 09:29 AM - Forum: General "Big 3", B&M colleges, and other colleges - Replies (10)

Anyone have any updated info on Amberton's MS in Human Relations and Business AND/OR on their MS in Professional Development. I am debating those two as possible fast Masters. My other option was WGU MSML. I may go back and get an MBA in the future but for now, just looking for a quick and easy masters to check a box.

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  help with degree plan
Posted by: janegoestocollege - Yesterday, 04:40 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (6)

Location: California Age: 19
Degrees Awarded: AS Computer Information Systems, AA-TRANSFER Communications Studies

Degree Desire BA in Communications or Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Communications or similar 
RA Credits: 88, all from community college, so no upper levels
Course, No., Title, Type, Credits
CIS 111, Computer Information Systems, RA, 3
CIS 132, Spreadsheet – Excel for Windows, RA, 4
CIS 142, Database – Access for Windows, RA, 3
CIS 150, Microsoft Office Applications, RA, 3
CIS 170, Intro to Data Analytics, RA, 3
CIS 211, Intro to Programming, RA, 3
CIS 250, Word Processing, RA, 2
ACCT 101, Financial Accounting, RA, 5
BUS 111, Business Communications, RA, 3
COUN 140, Educational Planning, RA, 1
ENGL 100, College Writing, RA, 4
HIST 171, US History 2, RA, 3
MATH 120, Intro Probability Statistics, RA, 4
MUS 101, Music Fundamentals, RA, 3
MUS 113, Jazz History, RA, 3
PE 235, First Aid, CPR & Safety Educ, RA, 3
PE239, Open Water Scuba Diving, RA, 3
PE 121, Walking for Fitness, RA, 1
PE 243, Stress Management, RA, 3
AJ 100, Intro to Criminal Justice, RA, 3
ASTR 116, Intro to Astronomy, RA, 3
ASTR 117, Astronomy Lab, RA, 1
COMM 100, Public Speaking, RA, 3
COMM 105, Interpersonal Communication, RA, 3
COMM 120, Intercultural Communication, RA, 3
COMM 124, Small Group Communication, RA, 3
COMM 135, Argument & Critical Thinking, RA, 3
JOUR 110, Mass Media Survey, RA, 3
ANTHR 118, Forensic Anthropology, RA, 3
POLT 101, American Government, RA, 3



Course, No., Title, Grade, Credits
BUS 305, Leadership Communication, 3 UL
BUS 313, Organizational Communication, 3 UL
BUS 324, Managerial Communication, 3 UL
ENGL305, Advanced Technical Writing, 3 UL
RA Credits: UL university credits and/or LL community college credits
Course, No., Title, Type, Credits
HCOM 304, Intro to Comm Theory, RA, 3 UL
HCOM 305, Digital Media Literacy, RA, 3 UL
COMM 110, Mediated Oral Comm, RA, 3 LL
JOUR 140, Public Relations, RA, 3 LL

Current community college (credits left)
1.    Take last 2 COMM & JOUR classes available (see above)
state university (applied for spring transfer)
1.    Can get upper level units, but need 2 years, starting spring to graduate from this school
TESU? BA communications OR BA liberal studies concentration in communications
COSC? BA General Studies w/ custom emphasis in Communications

LUO: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, custom?

Budget: Max $5K, open to scholarships

Commitments: part-time work in machine shop, freelance photographer.

Dedicated time to study: fulltime-ish. (especially if it gets me through by next summer)

Timeline: Finish bachelor’s degree by May 2023?

Assistance: small pell grant eligible, some grant money for any california school – but don’t want to take 2 1/2 more years to finish which would happen at a CA public university

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  BS/BA CompSci/WebDev/Graphic Design
Posted by: MissRN - 08-11-2022, 10:25 PM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (6)

Location: Florida, USA
Age: 32
What Kind of Degree I Want: Computer Science/Web Development with minor in Graphic Design (graphic design/coding was my original first love since 12 years old and was talked out of it by family members as they didn’t think this field was stable. Was so stuck on obtaining a health science degree that’s why I have more credits towards that degree and why it's my username LOL). Became more realistic with my commitments as far as time and completing an RN/Dental Hygienist program does not fit so that is why a change in the degree of focus. Plus I am a bit over the physically demanding jobs (worked at a long term care pharmacy (3 years) and hospital pharmacy (6 years)).
Current Regional Accredited Credits: (Overall GPA: 2.73)
Illinois Central College Total Credits: 11
- English I (3) - C
- Medical Terminology (2) - B
- Intro to Literature (3) - C
- College Algebra (3) - D (current state college replaced it with my Sophia one)
- Typography (3) - D

New Mexico Junior College Total Credits: 27
- English II (3) - C
- A&P I w/lab (4) - C
- A&P II w/lab (4) - B
- Microbiology w/lab (4) - B
- Chemistry I w/lab (4) - B
- Spanish I (4) - B
- Spanish II (4) - A

Polk State College Total Credits: 9
(pending RA Credits to get my AA in FL due to FL graduation requirements and this was the only local state college that accepted a wide range of alternative credits)
- U.S. History II (Political Literacy)
- Health & Wellness (Polk State requirement)
- Mythology (2nd Humanities as the other courses from Sophia did not fulfill this) 

Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits:
Sophia Credits: 27 (taken during the initial COVID free access. I was late to the party so I wasn’t able to fully utilize it to my full advantage)
- Ancient Greek Philosophers (84%) - B
- Art History I (81%) - B
- College Algebra (87%) - B
- Intro to Ethics (74%) - C
- Intro to Psychology (91%) - A
- Intro to Sociology (85%) - B
- Intro to Statistics (81%) - B
- U.S. History I (77%) - C
- Visual Communications (82%) - B

Budget: $0 - LOL; I have utilized my financial aid, CARES funding, and local school foundation scholarships and have those refunds saved. I’m hoping to NOT have to touch those funds to pay for more alternative credits towards a BA/BS but will be willing to do so to obtain my degree if my job doesn't come through with the tuition assistance to cover the Sophia/SDC memberships that I am hoping for.
Commitments: Full time employee (WFH, typical 8-5 schedule), kids, and household chores (this is mentally draining for me and it feels like a commitment LOL)
Dedicated Time to Study: I primarily focus on my studies LATE nights/EARLY mornings or full on whole weekends.
Tuition Assistance/Reimbursement: $5k per calendar year. My employer has transitioned to GUILD Education to process our tuition assistance. They will actually pay for the courses in advance instead of reimbursing ONLY if the program selected is an already approved program. I am currently gathering information as to them covering the Sophia/SDC membership as they do already partner with them but only had certain courses listed as a College Start program and I've stated that I wanted to utilize those platforms as much as possible toward one of the approved programs. Hopefully someone has some experience with GUILD Education that can offer some insight on how to get them to cover Sophia/SDC/IT certs.

Thank you for your input in advance!

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  Project Management Overlap study.com/Sophia
Posted by: vetvso - 08-11-2022, 09:49 PM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (10)

Has anyone been able to get LL Project management from Sophia and UL credit from Study.com For people who look for this kind of classes that might be helpful.

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  trying to CLEP and major in visual art as quickly as possible
Posted by: horrorflicks - 08-11-2022, 09:06 PM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (5)

hey everyone, I apologize if this is disorganized and clunky. 

a little bit of context, I graduated from being homeschooled k-12 in 2017 and planned on taking a gap year and due to unfortunate circumstances beyond my control, it snowballed into never going to college at all. I've changed my mind on that and would like to go now, because of being homeschooled I genuinely do not know the first thing about how any of this works, to the point of having to google the definition and difference between a major, minor, degree, bachelors, and associates. 

so I'm not even sure what to even begin to ask, I've never even taken an ACT/SAT test. basically my plan is to CLEP out as much as possible for the sake of saving time and money, enrolling into an in state college, and hopefully transferring to a different college to major in visual art. I assume part of this would be getting a BFA. I have no idea what classes are even required to major in art and I don't know where to go to find that out, I don't know if it varies college to college. my goal would be to do this as quickly and cheaply as possible. I also don't know the details surrounding CLEP and transferring out of state and how that would work. in short, this is my plan, I have no idea how to even begin to do it.  I would appreciate so much any advice or resources anyone has and again I apologize if this is a mess, I don't know what details to provide but please let me know if there's any more info I need to give. 

edit: after doing a little bit more research I have a specific question that I can't find the answer to through googling, and that is what general education credits are required across the board regardless of major and school? because those seem like the ones that should be CLEP'd out of first, and I can't find the answer to this anywhere.

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