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  Integrative Healthcare, Integrative Medicine
Posted by: eLearner - 2 hours ago - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (1)

I'm not in the medical field and I have no plans to be, but I am curious: I've noticed recently that a lot of hospitals (collegiate and otherwise), are introducing Integrative Healthcare programs. Reading many articles, I see that there had been a war between established healthcare programs and its practitioners and those wanting to integrate evidence-based (and some not evidence-based) but rarely used techniques into the fold. It appears the Integrative proponents have won the war as it seems like everyone from Harvard to Duke to Johns Hopkins to the clinic down the street are all rushing to set up Integrative Healthcare programs.

So in my curiosity, I searched and only found two legitimate schools offering Integrative Healthcare programs:

Saybrook University: Offers a certification in Integrative Medicine and a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine.

Huntington University of Health Sciences: Offers a Doctor of Science in Integrative Healthcare with a custom concentration.

What I wonder is, is it too soon for these programs? Is there any marketable value to them for medical career-seekers? Reading the governing board for Integrative Medicines' literature (ABOIM), it appears that a person has to hold board certifications that are common to what allopathic physicians have (with the exception of the allowance of Naturopathic Doctors) in order to become board certified (which would kind of invalidate the above two degrees).

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  Watch out for this Study.com bug
Posted by: Cheeseburrito - 2 hours ago - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, Shmoop.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (2)

If you're taking your quizzes and want to score as high as possible before taking your proctored exam, consider leading one quiz untouched until you're happy with the score. My situation:

1. I took the quizzes and scored a 92.
2. I took my final, bombed it, and embarrassingly scored a 57. I was 4 points shy of passing the class
3. Then I went through the quizzes and bumped up my grade as high as I could go, I estimated I gained 4-5 points, but my quiz total never updated.
4. I took another proctored exam, scored higher, and after completion my quiz score updated to a 97, which would have taken my original score to a 211/300, which is a pass.

So I had to waste $70 on an exam.

I should never have failed so badly on the final, but it was VERY hard, and did not represent the material in the course or the practice final.

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  What will fit: TESU BALS - Study.com Gen Ed (Down to the wire!)
Posted by: Cheeseburrito - 2 hours ago - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (2)

I am looking for 2 courses from Study.com that will transfer into General Education Electives on my BALS. I am so burned out on Psych that I can't do anymore, and my History courses are all tapped out on SL and Study.com.

Would these 2 go in that area or end up in free electives?
Business 121: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Humanities 101: Intro to the Humanities

If neither of those work, does anyone have any suggestions for 2 quick courses I could take that usually fit into Gen Ed?

Thank you!

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  Which Branch Would You Join?
Posted by: sanantone - 3 hours ago - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (2)

I'm just asking this out of curiosity. 

My ranking would be 

2. Air Force
3. NOAA Corps
4. Coast Guard
5. Army
6. Navy
7. Marines

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  Colleges with Best ROI
Posted by: sanantone - 5 hours ago - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (13)

I wish I had this information before or even right after graduating from high school. Unless your family is upper middle class or wealthy (price probably isn't an issue if you're wealthy), you might have a good chance of receiving enough grants and scholarships at an expensive school to make it cheaper than public universities. It depends on the school's endowment. Apply to the best schools you think you can get into and wait for the financial aid package to determine whether or not you can afford a school. 

Don't just take into account tuition and fees. Look at the average salary for graduates of your major. It makes more sense to take out $30k in loans expecting to make $100k a few years after graduating from MIT than it does to take out $15k in loans expecting to make $50k a year a few years after graduating from a lower-ranked university. 


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  Maybe I need to call tech support on Monday?
Posted by: AwardTour - 8 hours ago - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - No Replies

I just completed TEEX AWR138 a few hours ago. I completed everything including the post course feedback survey. I am not being given credit yet for taking the course (I am talking about within TEEX and not ACE). For every course with the exception of this current one I would receive an automated email confirming that I am done.

I am not sure if completing a course over the weekend has anything to do with it? I am able to view my Certificate of Completion (my name looks malformed/garbled on every TEEX course so far btw.). I am just not getting credit for it within TEEX. It is also not showing up in my 'Course History' and it shows me being currently enrolled in the course. 

This is odd, I will give it until late tomorrow morning and then I will call up TEEX if nothing has changed.

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  College Comp Modular CLEP
Posted by: a2jc4life - Yesterday, 12:47 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (2)

This is the College Comp CLEP that does not include an essay (unless your target school arranges one).  If you took this, about how long did it take you to complete?

(I have a nursing baby and am trying to figure out the logistics of scheduling mine.)

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  Portfolio of Self?
Posted by: a2jc4life - Yesterday, 12:34 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

Have any of you ever compiled a portfolio of yourself?  This is something I've been tossing around as kind of a conglomerate of life coaching studies, design studies, and capstone requirements.  Let me see if I can explain what I mean by that.

I don't mean a portfolio in the classic sense of showing representative work, like a design portfolio or the portfolio one might put together for PLA (although there might be some overlap).

I'm thinking more in terms of the "me as a project" version of a design process book.  A design process book contains all the parts and pieces of a design project, as well as the "records" produced by the process, like mindmaps, brainstorming lists, etc., the working designs and ideas, and then the final product.  It isn't just the "cleaned-up" version of the final project that would be presented to a client; it's all the supporting data and "in-process" work, too.

So a personal version would be things like the results of various personality and/or strengths inventories, records of education and training, timelines of key life experiences. etc.  I'm thinking this could actually be super-useful in life coaching (helping people build these, to gain a better "big picture" view), but I'm at a bit of a loss regarding how to organize it.

ETA: Another similar concept, for comparison, might be an author's study of a character in his/her story.

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  Need a Bach, to get into Masters Program
Posted by: MicroToGo - Yesterday, 11:30 AM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (5)

Brand new to the forums, but have been reading and learning a great deal from you very informative folks.

I'm needing to get a Bachelor's degree in order to get into an online Masters Program in Psychology, in order to add ABA therapy services for our practice.
There is no specific degree I need, just a Bachelor's to enter the program. Since the Masters is in Psych, it would be 
great to satisfy some of those requirements during my undergraduate process, but time to get into the program is a 
bit more important. We would like to add the service option within 3 years, give or take.

I'm hoping you seasoned degree pros can add some clarity for a solid starting point. 

So far, the following applies to me.

1) GED, with no college or other credits to transfer.
2) I'm 54 and currently own a therapy clinic with my wife for 10 years (she's the therapist, I manage it)
3) Prior for 25 years, I owned and operated a computer service company, but phased it out in 2015.
4) I currently have about 6 hours a day to study for "test out" courses.
5) My goal is about a year to get into the Masters program, if possible.
6) My strengths is in business and IT, but learning psych due to the therapy practice and personal interest.

Any program paths you can suggest that would best fit this goal set?

Note: I'm familiar with the big 3 from reading your posts, and cost really isn't as much an issue as time. Thomas Edison seems like a more clear option, but unclear as to the degree process.

Thanks in advance.

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  Pay $30 an hr. Looking for somone that has passed over 2 clep exams to help perpare.
Posted by: evsimoian - Yesterday, 12:09 AM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (6)

I need help with passing the clep principles of marketing exam faster than usual. The material itself doesn't seem too difficult (at least for  the exams I plan on taken). I just need someone that is familiar with passing clpe exams. Principles of marketing especially, to sort of guide me through what they did, while simultaneously assisting with the process.

If this works out it could lead to a more permanent thing as i need 12 more clep credits to get until Law school.

I graduated high school in England and passed the 6 credit clep English composition but as for the other exams, I don't have college equivalency knowledge therefore someone with experience assisiting  in these exams would go along way.

Pay would be $30 an hour and I would expect to receive the assistance in real time via skype (I don't care if camera is turend on or off. Just as long as i can hear and understand you). I can do four one hour sessions a week. My schedule is definitely going to play a factor so please PM your availability along with the clep exams you've passed.

Thank You

P.S I did have a tutor i met twice beforehand but she didn't even know what clep was. Let alone the exam material.  I understand I could do this without assistance but part of the reason i want to is just old fashioned regimen, which prompts motivation for me.

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