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  Degree Advise/plan Wanted for a Canadian Student
Posted by: nbid - 1 hour ago - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (1)

Your Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Your Age: 38
What kind of degree do you want?: Bachelor in Computer Science OR BS in Cybersecurity
Current Regional Accredited Credits: Yes
School Name Total Credits: Centennial College , Toronto, Ontario  and Sheridan College, Brampton, Ontario. 96 Credits were awarded at Centennial College and 30 Credits were awarded at Sheridan College. Total Credits earned at both colleges 126
Centennial College Credits (RA) (96 credit hours) 3 years Diploma Business Administration - Accounting
ACCT 150 Small Business Software  Credits Hrs 4 A+
ACCT 222 Management Accounting 1  Credits Hrs 4 A+
BUSN 225 Quantitative Methods 1 Credits   Hrs 4 A+
COMM 161 College Communication 1 Credits  Hrs 3 B+
COMP 121 Interm Micro App Software Credit Hrs 4 A+
ACCT 224 Corporate Finance 1 Credit Hrs.      4 A+
ACCT 225 Accounting Micro Application 1 Credit Hrs. 4 A+
ACCT 255 Intermediate Accounting 1 Credit Hrs.  4 A
ACCT 322 Management Accounting 2 Credit Hrs.    4 A
COMM 171 College Communications 2 Credit Hrs.   3 A
ACCT 226 Taxation 1 Credit Hrs.                 4 A+
ACCT 257 Accounting Systems 1 Credit Hrs.       4 A+
ACCT 265 Intermediate Accounting 2 Credit Hrs.  4 A+
ACCT 358 Accounting Microcomputer App 2 Credit Hrs. 4 A+
BUSN 325 Quantitative Methods 2 Credit hrs.     4 A+
JOBS 221 Job Search Skills Credit Hrs           1 B+
ACCT 331 Auditing 1 Credit Hrs.                 4 B+
ACCT 336 Taxation 2 credit Hrs.                 4 A+
ACCT 357 Accounting Systems 2 Credit Hrs.       4 A+
BUSN 331 Business Law Credit Hrs.               4 A
ENGL 253 Advance Business Communications credit 3 B
GNED 500 Global Citizenship Credit Hrs.         3 A
ACCT 332 Auditing 2 Credit Hrs.                 4 B
ACCT 334 Corporate Finance 2 Credit hrs.         4 A
FINA 339 Canadian Securities Course 1 Credit hrs 4 A
HRMT 318 Payroll Credit hrs                      3 A+
Sheridan College RA (30 Credits) Continuing education Courses
ACCG 16971 Accounting 1                          3 A+
APPL 10343 Computer Applications 1               3 A+
MATH 16269 Business Mathematics 1                3 A+
ACCG 17937 Accounting 2                          3 A+
ECON 22358G Macroeconomics                       3 A+
MKTG 19439 Marketing 1                           3 A
ECON 13936 Microeconomics                        3 A
HRMT 301 Human Resource Management               3 A
GCTC 001 Community/Working Life 1                3 B
GCTC 001 Community/Working Life 2                3 B+

Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits: None

Provider Total Credits: 0
Any certifications or military experience? Yes, Canadian securities Course (CSC) Certificate

[b]Budget: I have a max of $8K-9K saved up.  I will consider spending more for easy and fast.  
Commitments: Just kids/spouse. I currently work full time and can work on my studies part time or in the evenings/weekends.
Dedicated time to study: I can study as much as is needed during the night or weekends as long as my schedule is free. I estimate at least 3 hours every week night and on the weekends, maybe 6 hours, total would be 15-25 hrs we week
Timeline: Finishing the courses required for the degree as fast as possible would be ideal.  I would like to finish within 1-1.5 years (12-18 months)
Tuition assistance/reimbursement: No

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  New Sophia course: Criminology
Posted by: Kab - 4 hours ago - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, OnlineDegree.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - No Replies

It appears a new course for Sophia in ACE, Criminology (SOSC1050, ACE ID: SOPH-0084).
It does not appear on the Sophia web page for me. Let's hope it will be active soon.

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  Pennsylvanians Now Pay TESU In-State Undergrad Tuition
Posted by: Jonathan Whatley - 6 hours ago - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (3)

Pennsylvania residents excluding nursing students will now pay TESU in-state (New Jersey) undergraduate tuition, beginning with August 2024 registrations.

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  Degree plan advice
Posted by: MythrilFalcon - Today, 12:45 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - No Replies

Your Location: Arizona / Overseas currently
Your Age: 39
What kind of degree do you want?: Pierpont BOG w/ Information Systems emphasis -> WGU IT Bachelor's -> potentially the masters in IT Management 
Current Regional Accredited Credits: 0
Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits: 0 - all my of previously earned credits are too old and I am effectively starting from zero
Any certifications or military experience? I have a Comptia A+ lifetime cert. I can build my own pc but remember pretty much zero from this test. 
Budget: I'd like to go the cheapest route possible, but will consider spending more for easy and fast.  
Commitments: I have a ton of free time and am ready to go hardcore
Dedicated time to study: 5 or more hours during weekdays
Timeline: Fastest possible. 
Tuition assistance/reimbursement: I expect none

Hello! I'm looking for help/advice in building a degree plan using Sophia / Study.com / Straighterline to earn an Associates at Pierpont and then max transfers for an IT Bachelor's at WGU.
I'm not sure what kind of area of emphasis on my associates I should shoot for, but I was thinking Information Systems seems the most useful.
I am an excellent test taker and loathe educational busy work.
I have heard chatter that Sophia courses have recently become much more difficult / time consuming. I am looking for your opinions on preferred transfer courses among the self-driven options I've listed.

I am open to suggestions and appreciate your input. Thank you!

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  Seeking Advice on Fast-Tracking a Bachelor's Degree in PM+IS from UMPI
Posted by: Fiona - Today, 12:03 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (3)

Your Location: China
Your Age: 40
What kind of degree do you want?: UMPI BABA PM+IS
Current Regional Accredited Credits:non
School Name Total Credits: non
Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits:non
Provider Total Credits:non
Any certifications or military experience? no
Smile Smile Smile
I only have a high school diploma and can dedicate over 40 hours a week to studying. I hope to obtain a bachelor's degree in Information Systems from UMPI as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Therefore, I plan to complete as many transferable credits as I can through Sophia and Study.com before applying to UMPI. This is my study plan:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing

I would appreciate any advice from experienced friends. Additionally, does anyone have course plan recommendations for UMPI's PM+IS program? Thank you very much for your help.  Heart

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  Summer Session 1 Waiting on Conferral
Posted by: OldLadyScholar - Yesterday, 06:50 PM - Forum: UMPI - University of Maine at Presque Isle Discussion - Replies (2)

Anyone else waiting on degree conferral from Summer Session 1? 

For anyone else wondering the time frame. I started in January with 97 credits (community college and a state college). I needed 16 classes and finished up on June 28. So, about five months (with two trips thrown in) to finish up my degree in history. I did use any non-traditional credits like Sophia or SDC.

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  SNHU CS Degree plan
Posted by: Dheerajsyz - Yesterday, 11:46 AM - Forum: General "Big 3", B&M colleges, and other colleges - Replies (7)

I have followed this guide,   https://degreeforum.miraheze.org/wiki/SN...egree_Plan

And it almost worked with all the transfers except one - CS210

I attempted to transfer CS113 and failed. As the note suggests, is there any other class that satisfies this requirement? 

CS210 Programming Languages 3 Study.com CS 113: Programming in Python
Note: Not 100% sure this course will transfer in, but pretty sure you can find a programming course to transfer in.


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  Are discussion questions becoming irrelevant with AI??
Posted by: Vle045 - 07-21-2024, 07:01 PM - Forum: General Education-Related Discussion - Replies (12)

Something weird seems to be going on in my current class.  Usually our weekly discussion question is filled with personal anecdotes or stories to connect with the weekly topic.  This week, I feel like I am reading posts generated by ChatGPT.  One student’s post was tripled and at the end of each instance was a sentence that said “Is this conversation helpful so far?”.  And the formatting seems outside of what you might see in Canvas unless it was copy/pasted elsewhere.  Then someone replied to my post.  There was no direct reference to anything I wrote and it read like a textbook.  Even the instructor seems to be “phoning it in”.  His reply to every student is exactly the same.  This is so unusual for this program.

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  Checking the box - TAMUC or UMPI
Posted by: westex93 - 07-21-2024, 04:55 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (6)

Looking for options going forward and was requested that I start this new thread. I'm 52 with zero credits behind me and wanting to "check the box" - both for my secular work and, likely, continued online theological training in a particular seminary. They don't care what my bachelor's is in.

I'm new to this and I'm just learning my way around the terminology and basics, so please bear with me! I first discovered in browsing the forum that UMPI was recommended for someone in my position but was then told about TAMUC. If I'm understanding what I'm seeing, both look like viable options, although I am suddenly drawn to TAMUC since I learned about it. Call it a Texas pride thing.  Wink

But what matters most right now is getting done as quickly as possible. What are some practical considerations and comparisons? It looks like Sophia is accepted at both schools? Do I just start by signing up on Sophia and start knocking out courses ASAP? 

Your Location: Texas
Your Age: 52
What kind of degree do you want?: Checking the box - probably business related
Current Regional Accredited Credits: None
Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits: None
Any certifications or military experience? No
Budget: Not a concern, but don't want to waste money or time
Commitments: FT job with OT, family and church commitments
Dedicated time to study: I get up early - a couple of hours every morning on work days, more on days off.
Timeline: ASAP
Tuition assistance/reimbursement: No

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  Canadian interested in BA CS, little confused about RA and ACE providers and transfer
Posted by: ArboristFlames - 07-20-2024, 11:17 PM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (7)

Your Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Your Age: 29
What kind of degree do you want?: Bachelor of Arts Computer Science
Current Regional Accredited Credits:
A couple brick and mortar accredited universities in Canada. 90 something credits (9 CS credits).
University of Toronto, Western University.

Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits:

Budget: $15K USD max. 

Commitments: No other commitments.
Dedicated time to study: I can study 40+ hours a week.
Timeline:  Would like to finish within 1-2 years.
Tuition assistance/reimbursement: No.

Hi everyone,

I don't have a completed undergraduate bachelors, but I have a little over 90 credits (only 9 CS credits) across a couple undergraduate brick and mortar universities in Canada.

I want to get the BA in CS at TESU, but am a little confused on how to structure the credit requirements.

1. TESU only permits 90 credits to transfer from international institutions (I assume Canada counts as such). Does that mean that (if 90 of my credits transferred) any study.com, sophia etc courses would not be accepted, or would they take the place of the 90 credits I transfer in? I wonder because maybe they aren't considered an international institution I could take more credits at study.com and sophia and transfer them in (above and beyond the 90 I already have?). I would maybe want to take some of the CS courses through study.com and not TESU.

2. I'm looking to take Calculus at Sophia, or maybe Study.com. Does Sophia Calculus still transfer to TESU?

3. Can you take courses at other institutions (universities, study.com) AFTER you've enrolled at TESU?

4. There's a 18 credit upper level requirement at TESU, and they need to be in CS. TESU doesn't have enough credits to fulfill this requirement. Do you have any recommendations on where else to take these courses?

5. Would my brick and mortar university credits count for the 30 RA credits requirement?

I was considering WGU, but they told me that because I didn't have a degree I wouldn't be able to transfer many courses in. It seems like maybe I'd get 5-7 courses at most, meaning I'd have to take about 33 to 31 courses? Whereas with TESU it would seem that I'd only maybe have to take about 14 courses (assuming I get credit for all or almost all of the non CS courses. I know there's the Capstone and the Information Literacy course that are required). Both schools are go at your own pace, correct? So if only on that basis, I should be able to finish a course about as fast at TESU as WGU right?

Thanks everyone!! Smile

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