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  How many classes a session?
Posted by: TPG - 1 hour ago - Forum: UMPI - University of Maine at Presque Isle Discussion - Replies (1)

I am back again. So I did decide on UMPI. I was up in the air for awhile, what a surprise, right LOL Anywho, My goal is to start at the end of Oct. I already filed my fafsa and I have 8 sophia classes done. Not a lot, I know, but I got nothing but time, so I can easily get the rest of them done. I have a list showing what to take (what I did is crossed out) I got this list from one of the many posters on here so thank you! 

Sophia                        UMPI
Accounting > BUS 150 Intro to Financial Accounting
Ancient Greek Philosophers > PHI 1XX Philosophy Elective
Approaches to Studying Religions > ANT 1XX Anthropology Elective
Art History I > ART 211 Art History I
Art History II > ART 212 Art History II
Business Law > BUS 350 Business Law I*
College Algebra > MAT 117 College Algebra
Conflict Resolution > BUS 210 Organizational Communication
Developing Effective Teams > BUS 1XX Business Elective
Environmental Science > ENV 110 Intro to Environmental Science
Foundations of Statistics > MAT 1XX Math Elective
Human Biology > BIO 103 Human Biology
Introduction to Business > BUS 101 Introduction to Business
Introduction to Ethics > PHI 152 Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Information Technology > COS 103 Intro to Information Tech
Introduction to Psychology > PSY 100 General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology > SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Statistics > MAT 101 Basic Statistics
Macroeconomics > ECO 1XX Economics elective**
Microeconomics > ECO 207 Macro & Micro Economics**

Principles of Finance > BUS 1XX Business Elective
Project Management > BUS 141 Intro Project Mgmt/MS Projects
The Essentials of Managing Conflict > BUS 1XX Business Elective
U.S. History I > HTY 161 United States History I
U.S. History II > HTY 162 United States History II
Visual Communications >  COM 1XX General Elective

American Government                                

Spanish 1                                                 
Managerial Accounting
Principles of Marketing 

Biology 107L Intro to Biology with lab

Now I am going in for supply chain management and I know that is brand new for this year so I am assuming no one has a degree plan for that, But does anyone know what other classes I can take to add to my 90? I will definitely be taking English at UMPI because I had a legit panic attack thinking about it on sophia (or should I do the CLEP one?) Are they any classes on sophia that I should skip? I know that they all transfer but are they all needed? Even if theyre not needed, should I just do them and transfer them anyway? 

Also, realistically how many classes can I take a session? I only work 2 days a week with no other responsibilities (kids, ect...) so I was thinking what if I took an "easy" class and 2 regular (so 3) a session? Do you think that is doable? My goal is to be done within the next 12 months (so July 2022)

I did email a lady from there regarding the self paced program so when she gets back to me I'll find out when I should register.

I'm so sorry for all the questions. I just like to have as much information as possible.  Thank you again for your help (I did try to look online as far as how many to take a session but I couldnt find anything really helpful)

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  My UMPI transfer credit evaluation - transferring to TESU
Posted by: park0902 - 5 hours ago - Forum: UMPI - University of Maine at Presque Isle Discussion - Replies (3)

UMPI was my first choice because I love competency-based programs. The classes are straightforward, get through the quizzes, milestones, and finish a summative assessment (a paper, project, or test). It took almost 1.5 months to get my evaluation as it's summer and staffing is reduced. I applied at the beginning of June and was approved on the 17th. 1400$ is really affordable. It's equivalent to like 1 class at TESU. You'd like it if writing is your strong suit and can finish your degree quickly. Highly recommend taking Eng Comp I & II at UMPI, it was super fast. However, I personally think the requirements for a BA is a bit too much, I wish they have the non-concentration BLS like TESU. I've finished 3 classes so far but it's going to take me a while to finish my degree because I'm really bad at writing, especially when upper-level finals demand more time and effort. I have 2 Associate degrees and took a bunch of classes on Sophia (23 classes, the ones without writing assignments) but I'm nowhere near the finish line (which would cost more than TESU in the end). So I've decided to go with TESU instead (which I'm almost done with except for cornerstone and capstone). I wonder if it is going to be a problem transferring my credits to TESU as @ss20ts mentions the courses are designed to finish the degree internally at UMPI. Overall, UMPI is a great experience and how college should be for a lot of people. YOU CAN FINISH YOUR DEGREE!! This forum is a beautiful hidden gem and I'm thankful that I found it and grateful for its members. I wish I'd have found it sooner.

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Lightbulb WGU Employee Thread
Posted by: TheTruthIsOutThere - 5 hours ago - Forum: WGU - Western Governors University Discussion - Replies (4)

There is virtually no place you can discuss working/working conditions at WGU so this is a thread for anyone who wishes to discuss things that are going on at WGU that directly affect them and their day to day life.

Your posts here are anonymous and safe as long as you do the following:

1.  Don't discuss how long you've been here
2.  Don't give your real name
3.  Don't give any details that could out you as to who you are

First topic of discussion...the 160 people laid off.

Does anyone know if this statement as to why people were laid off is true...it makes 100% sense as to why it happened considering they are losing profits because of high performers:

This was a last minute meeting that was added to employee's calendars the evening prior. No warning. Even two layers of management above program mentors were not aware this was coming. It was an eight minute call with the SVP announcing positions had been eliminated effectively immediately. Two program mentors I know that were let go had the highest numbers in their group and were not the newest members to the team. Some of the more recent hires and/or lower performers were kept on the team. They were also some of the higher paid. They also had more students that graduated in 6 months to one year. Combined with the recently announced lower enrollment, the university had too many students graduating and not enough enrolling. Essentially, many mentors were too good at their jobs causing the university to make less money.

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  Are there any competency-based Education master's?
Posted by: Pelican - Today, 09:46 AM - Forum: Graduate School Discussion - Replies (5)

I like the competency format, because it can be more affordable (provided you complete it quickly).

Are there any master's degrees in Education (e.g. MEd, MAT) that can be completed via a competency-based model, outside of WGU?

I'm sure WGU probably has a good program, but in my workplace, management regards it as similar to UoPhoenix. Maybe that has to do with them running so many television ads, it makes the program lose respectability.

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  Rasmussen College competency based MPH
Posted by: Popestt - Today, 09:21 AM - Forum: Graduate School Discussion - Replies (7)

I have been searching for a competency based MPH, and recently came across Rasmussen's online program, which they advertise for under $10,000. Does anyone have any experience with their online programs? Opinions? 

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  Question on Transcripts
Posted by: lidel - Today, 08:28 AM - Forum: UMPI - University of Maine at Presque Isle Discussion - Replies (14)

Good morning. 

I saw a post somewhere that Sophia's parchment transcripts would show a grade on UMPI final transcripts but would not be factored into the overall GPA. Is this the same with study.com transcripts that are sent directly to them from SDC as well or is study.com simply a pass/fail system where grades don't factor into their transcripts? I know the ace credits are only pass/fail but wasn't sure if it's different if it comes direct from SDC.

All the best. 


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  The Masters Trap
Posted by: Alpha - Yesterday, 07:35 PM - Forum: Graduate School Discussion - Replies (11)

What makes a graduate program predatory?
The Master's Trap - by Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study (substack.com)

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  BAS (for AAS holders) vs BLS
Posted by: NoStudentNoCry - Yesterday, 07:09 PM - Forum: UMPI - University of Maine at Presque Isle Discussion - Replies (8)

So, YourPace students can get BAS instead of BLS, providing that they already hold AAS degree. Both BAS and BLS are university-wide majors, however, YourPace website does not explicitly says that students might be eligible for BAS. 
I've graduated with BOG AAS this May and so I talked to Jessica and she confirmed that I am eligible to switch to BAS. I am waiting for an updated evaluation report now. 

These are links with program requirements for BLS and BAS degrees:

Note: these pdfs are posted on the main website, so listed requirements might not be exactly accurate. As it was many times discussed, curriculum for YourPace students is not necessarily equivalent to the curricula for on-campus and online programs.

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  Alternatives to TEL/ONU for High School Students
Posted by: bjcheung77 - Yesterday, 06:45 PM - Forum: General Education-Related Discussion - Replies (1)

If you're able to find Dual Credit courses at your local community college or university, those are the best options.   I would shop around and check, some have courses at a much much lower tuition rate than incoming college freshmen!  This is for High School students or Home School kiddos!  There are several courses to choose from... Here are a couple of examples...

MSSU Online: Dual Credit $150/course (3 credits)
Link: https://www.mssu.edu/academics/dual-credit/

WTAMU Online: Dual Credit $150/course (3 credits)
Link: https://www.wtamu.edu/admissions/pre-uni...y-program/

In addition to these, the usual recommendations of AP, CLEP, IB and ACE credits will get them started well before their peers...  Using these option, one a high school student should be able to get an Associates by the time they graduate the high school diploma!  Good luck, find your kiddo the program they're interested in and get them started on that path...

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  I want to do waaaaay too many things……..
Posted by: Vle045 - Yesterday, 03:56 PM - Forum: General Education-Related Discussion - Replies (8)

This forum is dangerous!  I have found out about so many various programs.  Some free stuff, some cheap stuff, and some affordable stuff.  So now I want to complete way too many things.  I am finding it really hard to decide and focus.

On the freebie and cheap-o side, I’ve got a lot of options that are appealing, even if just for personal enrichment/ curiosity.

There’s the ENEB thing (which I often forget that I started)
The free course from JSU coming up.
The free term at Walden (which I didn’t get much done at all)
And the Christian *something—or-other* unaccredited degree site.
The $3,000 HAU thing (I haven’t applied and not sure I qualify)
UMPI added Marketing
NAU has Human Resources.  And NAU provides free access to Udemy and some stuff on Coursera.
I completed a few courses on Sophia
And I am almost done with a Specializaiton in Organizational Leadership on Coursera.
I found a Google certification that I can do on Coursera for free through NAU.

…. And probably a few things I forgot about

Holy Cannoli!   I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I want to do them ALL and barely have time for one.
Can I clone myself?  LOL

What do I *NEED*?   Honestly, none of it.

Oh yeah, I did apply to Columbia Southern for the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship. If I somehow get picked for that, it’s the one thing I would drop everything else for and do…. Because the scholarship would cover all costs for an MBA

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