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  2 e-pack classes unrelated to my major for the flat rate?
Posted by: mt_1994 - 12 minutes ago - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - No Replies

Can I just take 2 epack classes unrelated to my computer science major to get the 16 credits in one term?

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  Will Nutrition 101 from study.com transfer over my community college nutrition class?
Posted by: mt_1994 - 2 hours ago - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (1)

I took a community college college class in nutrition that transferred to TESU.  Problem is that the class is only 2 credits.  So I want to retake it at study.com so it can cover half of my scientific knowledge of the degree.  Is it possible even tho my community college class is already transferred over?

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  Credit Laundering/Credit Banking question
Posted by: tsgreer - Yesterday, 07:15 PM - Forum: UMPI - University of Maine at Presque Isle Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey everyone, I couldn't find a definitive answer on this topic, so I thought I'd seek your insights.

When I enrolled in my local community college, they informed me that my previous credits from another college were no longer valid due to their age (over 10 years old). Consequently, I never considered using those older credits and have been taking Sophia courses intensively to accumulate 90 credits before my UMPI start date on May 8th.

Interestingly, found out just today that UMPI has accepted my older credits, which my community college had previously rejected. So I went way overboard on my Sophia courses, since they accepted 76 credits from my previous schools! lolol

So, my question: Does UMPI's acceptance of my old credits effectively "refresh" them? If I apply to another college in the future, will they accept these credits based on UMPI's decision, or will they refer to the original source/original date earned?

I'm currently in the BYU-Pathways program for a year, which will allow me to enroll in BYU-Idaho at a reduced cost of $79 per credit. So I'm curious if I can rely on using those older credits again when I enroll at BYU-Idaho.

I understand that it's best to ask BYU-Idaho directly, but since my enrollment there is still a year away, I thought I'd explore your opinions on this matter.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for all that you guys do!

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  Bio 208- The Science of Nutrition study.com alertnative
Posted by: mt_1994 - Yesterday, 08:27 AM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (3)

Im looking for an alternative that I can take to transfer into this class from study.com but transfer sheet doesn't have it.

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  Second Bachelors TESU Construction Management
Posted by: addision - 03-18-2023, 07:38 PM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (3)

So I just finished up my MS Data Science at Eastern University. A good program, not great, but very good.

My brother and I were speaking about a construction company here in CA an I can get three years of experience waived if I have a construction management degree. I received my first degree from TESU (then TESC) in 2009.

I have heard the requirement will be 21 new units for a second degree with them. Also they have a phrase of "TRSFR REQ." on the site for certain courses. is this because they do not offer the courses?

1. is there a residency requirement for courses taken at TESU?

2. Anyone know of cheap ways to meet the following? I will pay if I have to but inexpensive courses are obviously best.

Construction (55 Credits)

General Chemistry II with Lab 4 

Physics II with Lab 4 
Higher-Level Mathematics above College Algebra 3 STA-201
Principles of Statistics 3  -TRSFR REQ.
Blue Print Reading 3 -TRSFR REQ.
Strength of Materials or Construction Materials 3 -TRSFR REQ.
Safety and Health 3 TRSFR REQ.
Building and Construction Codes 3 -TRSFR REQ.
Contracting 3 -TRSFR REQ.
Cost Estimating 3 -TRSFR REQ.
Construction Electives 21
MAN-435 Project Management 3 
APS-401 Current Trends and Applications in Applied Science and Technology 3

Program Link: https://www.tesu.edu/ast/programs/bs/construction

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  Need a Degree, planning a career switch
Posted by: Chachasoba - 03-18-2023, 10:44 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (2)

Hi everyone, I'm 29 this year and recently relocated to Malaysia from Singapore. I used to be a freelance music teacher and am now considering to switch to a career in tech/programming where I can work remotely and earn a somewhat comfortable wage in Malaysia (the national undergraduate wage is $1000usd/month). My highest qualification is a diploma in music, and a recognized degree would help in opening up my employment opportunities.

Currently, I'm unemployed and considering enrolling in UoPeople in 3 months time. But I had seen a lot of people recommend against it. 

The alternative plan is to study OSSU computer science syllabus, and use the knowledge to get a degree in WGU within a year. My budget is 5000-8000usd. I am in no rush to get a degree, so anywhere from 2-4 years of getting the degree is good enough for me. Basically money is the only limiting factor. I have enough time (I hope) and I hope I can get a somewhat recognized degree. I also would prefer if I could learn something from the degree, but it's a secondary concern as I'm ok with self study to supplement any gaps in my knowledge/education.

Otherwise UoPeople seem to be the best option so far, especially since there's a chance it might get RA accredited in 2026, and I would pretty much graduate around that time anyway. 

Thank you all for your inputs and time to help.

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  Another degree plan
Posted by: gams007 - 03-18-2023, 09:10 AM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (3)

How can I add another degree plan for example if I want to graduate from an associate degree in business administration and an associate degree in computer science.
Can I do it through the student portal ?

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  2nd degree in CS
Posted by: ghwang808 - 03-18-2023, 12:51 AM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (11)

Hi all,

I started this a couple years ago but never finished it. This year, I would actually like to complete it and listed below are the courses required that I have left:

1) Operating Systems (almost complete)
2) Computer Architecture
3) Data Structures
4) 4 CS electives
5) Liberal Arts Capstone

I am thinking about doing Study.com for the 1st 3 as well as electives (Database Mgmt & R Programming) then MIS from DAVAR academy. The other elective I am thinking about taking is Artificial Intelligence from TESU. On the other hand, I may take that IBM Data science certificate that transfers in 6 credits. What do you all think about my plan?

Additionally, I wanted to know if anyone knows any strategy for Study.com courses or any study tips and tricks you can point me to? Thanks!

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Question My degree plan for TESU BA in CS; thoughts/recs?
Posted by: bruh - 03-17-2023, 10:41 PM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (9)

Your Location: California, USA
Your Age: 18, turning 19 in about a month
What kind of degree do you want?: TESU BA in CS. I might go into federal law enforcement, and CS looks like a good career field in general too.

Current Regional Accredited Credits:

College of San Mateo Total Credits: 4
PHYS 210 General Physics I, 4, A

City College of San Francisco Total Credits: 9
ADMJ 53 Legal Aspects of Evidence, 3, A
ADMJ 54 Principles & Procedures of the Justice System, 3, A
ADMJ 57 Introduction to Administration of Justice, 3, A
(however, for a TESU BA in CS, I'm not too sure how applicable the credits from ADMJ 53 and 54 are)

Current ACE, CLEP, or NCCRS Credits:

AP Credits: 12-17
Calculus AB, 3-4, A+ (exam score = 5)
English Language and Composition, 3-6, A (exam score = 5)
Chemistry, 3-4, A (exam score = 4)
Statistics, 3, B (exam score = 5)

CLEP Credits: 6
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature, 3, 74
American Government, 3, 68

Any certifications or military experience? N/A (but I hope to get training in the Air National Guard as military police, which may earn me 17-26 more credits according to some people online)
Budget: I have $6k in savings. I'd like to keep it around $10k, but I'm willing to pay more for easier/faster credits (e.g. taking Sophia courses rather than CLEP courses paid for by Modern States).
Commitments: I don't really have any commitments. I graduated high school last year. I don't have a job. I also discontinued my traditional schooling to speed up my degree after discovering that degree hacking is a thing and that it's legit. I live with and help out my parents who support me. I have a brother too. He's gonna be graduating high school next year as well. I'm also trying to learn how to drive; I got my learner's permit 8 months ago.
Dedicated time to study: I'll spend 5 days per week, 8 hours per day working on this. That's about 40 hours per week. I'm willing to spend more time (e.g. 1-3 more hours per day, even an extra day) if it'd make that much of a difference (e.g. finishing a month earlier).
Timeline: I'd like to finish the courses needed for this degree asap. I plan on finishing before May 2024, which is about 14 months from now. I also hope to enlist in and finish training in the National Guard before then. The training would take about 5 months (since basic training + tech school = at least 20.5 weeks away from home). I expect to finish the degree by March 2024. Finishing it even earlier would be awesome too, but I don't know how possible it is.
Tuition assistance/reimbursement: I'll apply for federal financial aid. My parents will support me too. Plus, if I follow through with my plans with the military, then I'll get more tuition assistance and reduced fees through that too.

Other than my current degree plan which follows after this paragraph, I'm not too sure what other relevant info I should provide. I'll update this post if anything comes to mind. It's small, but the only thing coming to mind right now is to mention that I'd like to finish by May next year since my brother would be graduating that month, and it'd be fun to say that I, too, am a part of the Class of 2024 haha. Who knows, maybe I'll even become a sub for a few months at our high school for the lolz. I hope I can finish this before my 20th birthday too; it'd be cool to one day say that I accomplished all this while I was still a teenager.

Here's my current degree plan (more details here in this Google Spreadsheet):

I. GENERAL ED (45 credits)

A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15 Credits)
— [AP] English Language and Composition
— [AP] English Language and Composition
— [SDC] COM120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace
— [AP] Statistics
— [TESU] Critical Information Literacy (SOS-110-OL)

B. Civic and Global Leadership (9 Credits)
— [TECEP] Marriage and the Family (SOC-210-TE)
— [TECEP] Environmental Ethics (ETH-210-TE)
— [TECEP] Introduction to Comparative Politics (POS-282-TE)

C. Knowledge of Human Cultures (15 Credits)
— [TECEP] Introduction to Political Science (ANT-101-TE)
— [Sophia] American History I
— [TECEP] Technical Writing (ENG-201-TE)
— [CCSF] Intro to Administration of Justice
— [CLEP] Introductory Psychology

D. Scientific Knowledge (6 Credits)
— [CSM] General Physics I
— [AP] Chemistry

II. AREA OF STUDY (45 credits)

A. Required Courses (18 Credits)
— [SDC] CS109: Introduction to Programming
— [SDC] CS201: Data Structures & Algorithms
— [AP] Calculus AB
— [SDC] MAT108: Discrete Mathematics
— [SDC] CS105: Intro to Operating Systems
— [SDC] CS306: Computer Architecture

B. Computer Science Electives (18 Credits)
— [SDC] CS103: Computer Concepts & Applications
— [Sophia] Introduction to Information Technology
— [DAVAR] CIS315: Management Information Systems
— [TESU] Software Engineering (CIS-351-OL)
— [SDC] CS303: Database Management
— [SDC] CS302: Systems Analysis & Design

C. Natural Sciences, Math, and Computer Science Electives (6 Credits)
— [TECEP] Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (MAT-105-TE)
— [TECEP] College Algebra (MAT-121-TE)

D. Capstone (3 Credits)
— [TESU] Liberal Arts Capstone (LIB-495-OL)

III. ELECTIVES (30 credits)
— [CLEP] Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
— [CLEP] American Government
— [CLEP] Spanish Language: Levels 1 and 2
— [CLEP] Introductory Sociology
— [Sophia] U.S. History II
— [Sophia] Precalculus
— [Sophia] Intro to Business
— [Sophia] Financial Accounting
— [Sophia] Human Biology

During my preparation/planning, I found this other thread re: the same degree. However, it was started over 2 years ago, and my understanding is that some things have changed ever since then. My understanding could be wrong though; I don't know. Are there any recommendations in this thread that I should follow? For example, I'd like to take Art History I + II, Intro to Ethics, etc through Sophia since I hear that they're quick and easy, but from skimming the course catalog, it looks like there are no equivalent classes in TESU (at least not anymore), so I don't know if they'll actually transfer. 

Are there any classes that I have in my current plan that I should swap out for easier/quicker classes? If so, what may those be? Should I switch around any classes to fulfill different classes? etc? Any miscellaneous words of advice too (hehe)?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

PS: In my preparation for making this post, I kept on running into posts that mentioned the "Medical Terminology TECEP" and had no idea of its significance until two seconds ago. What's the next thing I should do? Should I indeed apply and register for the Med Term TECEP asap in order to figure out where my credits go?

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  Clarify AOS overlap between two BSBA majors
Posted by: jazzcat - 03-17-2023, 08:17 PM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (6)

Quote:TESU policy states:
No credit for the first area of study may be used toward the second area of study.

Thanks to my many RA transfer credits, I have only to complete Gen Ed and Business Core courses to graduate with BSBA-OM. However, I need the BSBA-CIS, which means I need to complete another 18-21 credits of course work (specifically the entire AOS), in addition to the overlapping Gen Ed and Business Core courses between the two majors (AOS).

Am I correct in understanding that as long as only the 18-credits of AOS don't overlap between CIS and OM (which they don't at all, per syllabus), I'll be able to graduate with BSBA-OM and -CIS on my degree? When applying to graduate, do I just specify that I declare two areas of study? I'm presently enrolled in BSBA-CIS, as this is the degree I actually require.

Afterwards I may do a Certificate in Finance just for fun. If that's not enough, I might try for a Master's in the coming years, maybe from a different university.

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