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  Future of College Tuition post Covid 19
Posted by: Clepper43 - 2 hours ago - Forum: General Education-Related Discussion - Replies (1)

This is an interesting read - I watched another program commenting on how Harvard has gone online this fall but "tuition remains the same." People are going to figure out there seems to be an even clearer need to question the system.


Quote: "...(it) means more than just making college free or inexpensive for most students. It means re-evaluating the place that higher education occupies in our society."

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  California College Self Study
Posted by: tobyisking - Yesterday, 07:15 PM - Forum: General Education-Related Discussion - Replies (1)

So I am in a bit of conundrum here. My local community college has a program where they will alleviate some of your grades if you have retaken  the courses at a later date from another institution. The only issue is that the courses must be taken at California based college or else they will not equate them. My question is, are there any California based schools that offer self study courses for credit? 
Specifically looking for bio and college comp classes....the reason for the self study request is that I am on a bit of time crunch and I have already retaken these courses through study.com and SL, unfortunately my school will not take alternative credits.

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  SL Business Statistics for math credit at CSU
Posted by: Bpreli - Yesterday, 06:32 PM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, InstantCertCredit.com, OnlineDegree.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (3)

I’m attending Columbia Southern University and taking College Algebra through SL. It’s not going well. I’m considering switching to Business Statistics because I’ve seen some posts around the internet saying their college took it for an intro to statistics credit. 
I’m just wondering if anyone has taken Business Statistics and had it accepted by CSU. On the CSU website it states that college algebra is a pre-requisite for the class, but I’ve transferred in credit for classes where I hadn’t taken the listed pre-requisite class. I also recently enrolled in a class and my advisor came back and said I couldn’t take it until I had taken the pre-requisite class, so it’s a little confusing and I don’t want to spend the extra money to take a class I might not be able to transfer. 
I’m going to check with the evaluator tomorrow, but sometimes they’re weird about giving info on credits since it has to be approved by another department, they can’t always say for sure. So, if anyone has done it, I’d love to hear about it.

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  Taking courses at WGU not part of my degree program? And credit by examination
Posted by: sciencemathematics1 - Yesterday, 04:56 PM - Forum: WGU - Western Governors University Discussion - Replies (8)

I want to complete a BS in computer science at WGU. However, there are other degree programs in the WGU teachers college which have courses in their curriculum that I would like to be able to take. I want to take math and science courses from the teacher's college program. However, I talked with an enrollment counselor there and they told me that I could not take those courses if I was in the computer science program, because they are not part of my degree program. Is there still any way to be able to take these classes?
There are a number of classes in the math for teachers and science for teacher programs that I would want to be able to take.

I also was told that if I knew the material for a class, then I could go directly to the assessment for the class to get credit for it. Does this apply to all classes at WGU, since they are competency based?

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  Adding a cheap and easy math AS
Posted by: jch - Yesterday, 04:30 PM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (5)

Hi everyone, 
I believe that I have found a quite inexpensive and simple way to add a math associates degree to many bachelors degree plans at TESU. The ASNSM in Mathematics just requires Calculus I (which is needed for some BS anyway), three math gen ed credits, plus 13 additional math elective credits, (19 total math credits) all on top of the standard gen ed platform. There is NO capstone for the ASNSM listed! Unlike some of the other AS programs, the ASNSM doesn't seem to explicitly require physics. 

Now, how can you get those math electives? Pick up the lower level math credits on your way to Calculus! I think that this degree can be earned without any crazy high level math. 
There's a General Mathematics CLEP (basically arithmetic and pre-algebra). TESU accepts this for six credits of introductory math classes! If you're already familiar with algebra, general math looks like a breeze. 
Then, take the college algebra and precalc CLEPs for three credits each. Now you're at twelve math credits. These could also be done elsewhere - I'm taking the ASU courses while they're cheap. 
Next is calculus. This is where I'm a bit confused. The ASNSM requires three credits of calc, but most classes and exams I've seen for calculus I or equivalents are listed as four credits. What happens to the extra credit - does it get applied to the math electives? Assuming all four credits do count, that's now 16 math credits. 
Three more math credits need to be found somewhere. There are several other introductory or intermediate math credits available from various sources that look as if they should apply here and not duplicate one of the items above. 

For these CLEPs, modern states should be available for their free prep and voucher, minimizing cost. 

Is there anything I'm missing here? I'm assuming that any non-duplicate credits from the math department should apply toward this degree, correct?
Do statistics classes under STA-XXX count toward the math requirements? (I don't think so)

If this works, I'll be doing the ASNSM along with BSBA/CIS or BS in cybersecurity. I'll post updates on progress. 

From what I have read, graduation from TESU costs the same regardless of how many degrees and AOS you graduate with. Additionally, the credit residency/waiver should apply per-graduation. Thus, it seems potentially advantageous to look for any additional degrees in other fields to add to your graduation.

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  Clubs and organizations at TESU
Posted by: jch - Yesterday, 03:06 PM - Forum: TESU - Thomas Edison State University Discussion - Replies (4)

Hello everyone, 

I'm new to this whole online distance learning space. I started in April and have been plowing through the Sophia and ASU EA catalogs ever since. I am admitted + enrolled in TESU as of June. Thanks everyone else here for all the helpful threads that I have been reading! All your posts have guided me quite well through the process.  

I expected that, as an institution aimed at non-traditional learners, TESU would not have the traditional "college experience" typically associated with colleges. What I was not expecting was to have essentially no opportunities to interact with other students! It appears that there's only the general discussion boards, which seem to focus largely on textbook sales, and the class-related forums within a course. Am I missing anything, or is this it? Does TESU really have zero clubs and organizations (outside of some honor societies, I'll make another thread about those)?

The main thing that held me back from online classes in the past was the lack of social interaction. I recognize that higher education is often seen to help you develop as a person in addition to the stated curriculum. I was really looking forward to that aspect of my college experience, as I was often an isolated teen. Once the pandemic hit and all of the online course offerings this summer opened up, I jumped on them to finally get my education progressing and take advantage of the discounts. While these digital platforms are really resonating with me academically, they aren't meeting my social needs at all.  

Has there ever been any discussions about starting some student organizations at TESU? Is there a stated reason or policy I'm missing here? Did these kinds of groups simply never form because of the unique context of TESU students and structure?

One organization that I have been really looking forward to participating in during college is PBL - Phi Beta Lambda. In high school, I was very active in Future Business Leaders of America, and was particularly dominant in the competitive events. I'd like to continue into PBL, which is the collegiate arm of the program. Additionally, I want to become more involved in the leadership aspects of the group, which I did not do in high school. If possible, I'd start a PBL chapter at TESU. If that doesn't work out, I'll just join PBL independently of a school. 

I'm planning to start a thread on the TESU student discussion board investigating any potential interest in starting a PBL chapter. Anyone have any feedback or suggestions?


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  Multi-Factor Authentication (Azure/Safenet)
Posted by: bjcheung77 - Yesterday, 01:49 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

I noticed a few boards have the multi-factor authentication option (I haven't used it with the boards yet) and a few companies I consult with have upgraded or will upgrade too...  Anyways, there are a few options to choose from:  Safenet Mobile Pass+, Microsoft Authenticator that uses Azure, RSA Token, etc.

Anyone have a recommendation over the other and reasons why you choose that?  I am leaning towards MFA as that app just requires you to approve your logon by tapping approve.  The Safenet app - MobilePass requires you to punch in a pin+passcode.   And then there are the hardware RSA tokens that require you to carry an extra item around.... decisions decisions.

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  Free Non-Credit NYU Course: Covid 19 Disparities
Posted by: eriehiker - Yesterday, 01:13 PM - Forum: Free Courses and Certificates and Good Deals - No Replies

The NYU program in Global Public Health is offering a free course in Covid-19 disparities.  The course is offered for one graduate credit - with tuition/not free - to those within the program.  Someone really could put together a do-it-yourself Covid-19 program with all of these free classes.


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  Need advice - Online CAD/CAM
Posted by: jmp22684 - Yesterday, 12:57 PM - Forum: General Education-Related Discussion - No Replies


I used to take drafting and CAD courses in Highschool and some college courses as well. In these I excelled to the point of getting awards in the school and no longer following the normal assignments: I would sit at a desk near the instructor and help him prepare course work. 

Then I got nervous that the field wouldn't be good long term and started second guessing my decisions, changed to accounting, then computer science, then integrated supply chain management, then got married and had a kid and life happened. My problem isn't finding something I enjoy, as its all so cool. I'm a computer nerd (you should see my studio), I'm an electronics geek, I'm a music nerd, I'm a math nerd... its hard to make a decision. I was also a music major at one point and my father pushed me towards this when I was younger. So for the past 10 years I have been comfortably self employed teaching music and playing out in a group that was always booked a year in advance. I always wanted to go back to school because I really wanted to finish an engineering degree which is where I should have stuck it out at the beginning. I never did because the price of school has sky rocketed and I was so busy between my students, the group and my family (I don't want to parent from a distance, I'm very hands on... and since I worked at home it was basically me and my boy!) Add to that the fact that we were just comfortable. I earned enough to support our family in a pretty good neighborhood and maintain a savings, there was no major event causing us to rock the boat and we just coasted along. Welp... until now. Unemployed over night and now I have time to think again. 

I'd like to complete my engineering degree; however, I need to support my family at the same time. I have auto immune issues that prevent me from picking up any normal work you could do, without a degree, that risks exposure. Not really interested in leaving behind my family.

I am trying to look at the bright side of this and rather than see myself as out of business I'd like to look at this as an opportunity to get back to something I truly enjoyed and begin the next chapter of our life. 

I obsessed over CAD. When I was taking those courses it was so much fun and it was effortless. I would stay up until 4am working on those projects.

I would like to find a competency based program such as those at excelsior, etc... that can give me either an associates or a certification to pickup an entry level CAD job via remote work if possible. 

I've been scouring the internet trying to find something and I am really unsure on where to start. This is when I found this forum and am hoping that someone here can help point me in the right direction. 

We are in a boat where I can coast by on savings for about 12 months through this global mess and at the end of that I need to be somehow employed. Hopefully remote work that doesn't require personal . 

It would be wonderful if it could be in a field I used to love so much.

I thought about just completing the program I started at the local college; however, with needing to wait until the semester starts and then completing the course required we would be dead in the water and unable to pay bills. Add to that needing to walk into a classroom with my condition would be a death sentence, but most people don't understand that and I don't want to come off as not being a "team player".

I am hoping to find a program that can keep up with me (if that makes sense) rather than me having to wait until the full semester is complete to prove I am ready to move along to the next step in my learning. Or whatever it would take to begin this work, I see many CAD jobs that don't require degrees, the problem is I have no work experience in the field outside of the classroom and feel I don't know what I don't know.

Thank you very much and I really appreciate any assistance in helping us move forward. 

Wow.... I wrote a book. There is my story and my goal.

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  Applying to a "Big Three" Bachelor's with a DEAC Master's degree
Posted by: openair - Yesterday, 05:15 AM - Forum: Degree Planning Advice - Replies (11)

In the not-so-distant future, I am planning to apply to one of the "Big Three" Bachelor's degree programs in Liberal Arts. I reside in Europe. Here's my question: Are there any advantages to applying to one of these Bachelor's programs with a (soon to be achieved) Master's degree from a nationally accredited (DEAC) institution? Would I actually be better off applying with my foreign Bachelor's degree after a U.S. evaluation that provides a regional degree equivalency? Does the fact that you hold any of these prior degrees provide any type of advantages in terms of reducing the general requirements for the Bachelor's/capstone exemptions, etc? I don't mean the individual course transfers, but the general work that must be done to obtain the degree, if this isn't your first degree. Lastly, are you obliged to present all your prior degrees upon admission, or just your highest achieved degree?

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