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AFOQT/ASTB audio book study material.
Lately I have been thinking on heading back to active duty.
Currently I am seeing what branch might be more beneficial to enter as an officer, Navy or Air Force.
That being said what tips and or suggestions might y'all give me?
Currently I hold a BSBA from TESU and also working on a BS from Excelsior in Tech management.
E5 Navy reservists
8.5 active years
12 years service
30 years old
Former naval aviation electrician
Current heavy equipment operator for the reserves
Civilian Industrial Mechanical/Electrical Tech.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Edit: Also looking for audio books if possible so I can learn and workout.
I'm going to go with "see who gives you a better deal." No way to know what you get until you talk to both.
TESU BSBA in HR, 2018
GGU Cert in Management, 2000

EXAMS: TECEP Tech Writg, Engl Comp 2, LA Math, Public Rel, Computers  DSST Computers, Pers Fin  CLEP Mgmt, Mktg
COURSES: TESU Capstone Pers Fin, Microecon, Stats  Ed4Credit Acct 2  PF Fin Mgmt  ALEKS Int Alg, Coll Alg  Sophia Proj Mgmt The Institutes - Ins Ethics  Kaplan PLA
B&M COURSESPalomar CollMission Coll, Golden Gate Univ, San Jose State Univ
My lieutenant in the Navy said he had a better quality of life as an E-4 in the air Force vs O-3 in the Navy. (On deployment anyway). So if the job/rank/pay offered are comparable, then air Force may be the better option in my opinion.
TESU BS NEET (in progress)      Taking a different direction for now.

B&M(22cr): Anat/Phys 1/2 +Labs, Eng Comp 1, Sust. Cities, Orientation Courses, Intro Hlth+Well, Functional Anat/Kin
TESU(4cr): Chem 1 Lab, DC circuits
JST/TESU Eval of NAVY Training: 85/99cr
The Institutes, TEEX, NFA(9cr): Ethics, Cyber 101/201/301, Safety
Sophia(3cr): Dev Eff Teams, Fdn College Alg, Fdn Stats, Ess Mng Conflict, Fdn English comp, Student Success Eng 105, Fin 102, His 108, Lib Sci 101, Math 104, Stat 101
CLEP(9cr): Intro Sociology 63 Intro Psych 61 US GOV 71
OD(6cr): Robotics, Cyber
Things may have changed as I'm 18 years removed from the Military... But I remember when my little brother was enlisting in the Air Force after I was out we were talking with his recruiter about all the goodies in the Air Force and how they are treated etc... I jokingly said that I should re-enlist because, um wow it sounded great (as was proven to be when he was in) and the recruiter laughed as said they don't accept prior service as its too hard of an adjustment.

Like I said, that is completely anecdotal evidence, it was 20 years ago AND I was talking enlisted, not an officer.

I can say though that if I was to do it all over again, Chair Force all the way! My little brothers single E-2 living accommodations were better by 1000x than my E-5 married family housing.

For all of you Army/Marine 11b/0300 types like myself, this just blew me away. He had his own room, basically an apartment as an E-2. And it was a common thing.

I visited him during tech school at Luke in Phoenix, AZ, we went to one of the main post chow halls and the food was great. Seriously, actually great. When we were done, I noticed people just left their trays, like they were in a restaurant. Blew my mind.

It all makes sense though, being trained to fight by physical grunt means living harder, training harder and doing without. Doing a smart job means being treated like you're smart.

Who would have thought?

So IF my assumption is wrong and you can, in fact, join the Airforce, man I must say I would 100% take that route.

Good luck to you, whichever way you go, brother.


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