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Another problem with final/passing score
This is what I received today from

Congratulations! Our team of Registrars reviewed your Statistics 101: Principles of Statistics proctored exam. You scored 80 out of 100, which is eligible to receive credit. 

BUT, I got 50/70 on my final exam which was 71%.  This made my overall course grade 80%, not the grade of the final which is implied.

They need to change their email so that the info you get is correct.

Of course, since my membership has expired, I can't check to see if I actually got a 71% on my final exam, and an 80% in the would be nice to actually see that...but I digress.
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Yes, same experience, implies that they are giving you your exam grade but it actually is your course grade. Confusing and poorly edited wording seem to be par for the course for all of their materials Smile

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