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BALS UL Options

I tried a few times to look this up but didn't find much: What are the options for UL credit by exam for the BALS with TESU? I have read a few threads but I have seen lots of people use either Straighterline or Saylor, I am trying to use only CLEP DSST or TECEP. I have also noticed that some of the courses people have used, mainly the Vietnam and Civil War DSST tests, are advertised as lower level by TESU but I have heard otherwise. If anyone could just point me to a short list of options that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
All CLEP's are LL, just FYI.

Here's the list of TECEP's - TESU TECEP
It looks like there's only 2-3 that will be UL for the BALS

I'm not familiar with how the DSST's transfer in, but from the TESU website it looks like there's 2-3 that will work for it there.

I did all my UL BALS credits from  It was relatively painless and good practice for the Capstone.
Working towards a BALS-HUM from TESU - 119/122 credits done

CLEP - A&I Lit, US History 1, US History 2, West Civ 1, Intro Sociology, American Lit, Humanities, Soc. Sci & History, English Lit
Sophia - Intro to Info Tech, Art History 1, Visual Communications, Managing Conflict, Building Effective Teams
Study - Personal Finance, Comm 120, Math 97, Bus 121, Lib Sci 101, Eng 104, Nutrition 101, Eng 105, His 108, Pol. Sci 102, Earth Sci 104, His 308, Bus 313, His 102, Eng 305, His 105, His 106, His 306, Geometry 101, Bus 324, Com 102
Institutes - Insurance Ethics
TESU - Cornerstone, Music History 2 TECEP, LIB Capstone - in progress
Some of the UL options I can suggest are: History & Systems of Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Organizational theory, Organizational Communication, Sociology of Work & I/O Psychology. All these UL options require you to write research papers. But as TexasTink says, they serve as a good prep for the capstone.
TESU BALS-Psych. (Started Sept. 15, 2018): 91 Cr.

TEEX(6): Cybersecurity 101/201/301
The Institutes(2): Ethics
Sophia(2): Essentials of Managing Conflict, Dev. Effective Teams
NFA(1): Community Safety Education
GED(10): NAS-131, SOC-273, MAT-121, HUM-101 (1) Intro to Psych., Soc. Psych.-1, Growth & Dev. Psych., Personality Psych., History & Systems of Psych., Org. Theory, Library Science, Comm. at Workplace, Intro to World Religion, I/O Psychology, Ethics in Social Sciences, Org. Comm., Eng. 104, Eng. 105, History of Vietnam war, Special Ed. History & Law, Differentiated Ed., Classroom Management, Foundations of Ed., Abnormal Psych., Research methods in Psych.
Saylor (6): Intro. to Molecular & Cellular Biology, Comparative Politics. 
TESU (1): Cornerstone
Things have changed over the years, courses are getting upgraded/downgraded by ACE/NCCRS at review cycles, TESU changes their policies on what they consider UL/LL over time, etc. So going by old info on this forum isn't always helpful (although it's a starting place).

As of now, the following providers have exams/courses that will work in BALS

Money and Banking
Substance Abuse
History of the Soviet Union
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

TECEP UL ($225/exam)
Managerial Communications
Marketing Communications
Abnormal Psychology
TESU BSBA in HR, 2018
GGU Cert in Management, 2000

EXAMS: TECEP Tech Writg, Engl Comp 2, LA Math, Public Rel, Computers  DSST Computers, Pers Fin  CLEP Mgmt, Mktg
COURSES: TESU Capstone Pers Fin, Microecon, Stats  Ed4Credit Acct 2  PF Fin Mgmt  ALEKS Int Alg, Coll Alg  Sophia Proj Mgmt The Institutes - Ins Ethics  Kaplan PLA
B&M COURSESPalomar CollMission Coll, Golden Gate Univ, San Jose State Univ

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