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BS or bust - TESU BS in Data Science and Analytics
I'm interested in the Bachelor's Degree in Data Science and Analytics at TESU.  Does anyone know if there is a degree plan out?  I've been referring to Solarkat's posts in the "new TESU degree - data science (statistics)" thread, but the last post was from June 2017.

I've attached what I've come up with so far referring and copying some of davewill's and ttower's degree plans.

My background:
I currently work full time as a Systems Administrator for a private investment firm in Montvale, NJ.  I am 39 and looking to finally get my BS degree.  I took a few classes back in 1996 at Kean University in Union, NJ before going to the Chubb Institute in Parsippany, NJ in 1998.  I finished with a diploma in Computer Programming.

I applied recently to TESU and sent them my Kean University transcript.  I'm waiting to see what credits came over.
Any help and direction is very appreciated.


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Following. I am also interested in knowing more about this degree. As far as I know solarkat is the only one who has posted about it and she seems to have gone on to bigger and better things and has not posted in a while. I look forward to hear more about your journey with this degree. The fact that no Capstone is required is already a big plus in my opinion, but it seems like the courses are no walk in the park.
Hmm, weird, I just looked at this and there is no capstone - unlike the other degrees. I guess it's because it's a partnership.... The only courses available to "test out" would the be general education courses. Have you guys checked out the courses and costs? Are there no other provider that you can try getting a few of the credits from?

I think the only other way to go through this would be doing a PLA since the OP has a few years under their belt. You may want to take a look at WGU's offerings for something comparable such as their BS Data Management/Data Analytics. Again, the amount of credits that can be transferred in most likely would be the "general education" courses.
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Working on: TESU BA Biology & Computer Science
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2019 BALS and BSBA Spreadsheet using mainly SL/ (post#28,31)
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~Review: Beginners Guide sticky for info on TESU BALS/BSBA in 4 months (post #16)
~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc
TESU's Data Analytics degree is one of the more expensive ones here, because while the partnership is a good deal, that added to the gen ed's and residency waiver fee puts you at about $11k.

Now, if you have a bunch of courses you can transfer in, then you might have an easier time of it.  But the price, combined with the time it will take to get through the Core/AOS (2 years I think) because they don't offer the courses all the time, makes it a little more difficult.  But here is my spreadsheet in case you want to see.

I would look at WGU instead, you should be able to do that for a lot less, and much faster.

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.xlsx   TESU 2016 BS Data Science & Analytics.xlsx (Size: 35.51 KB / Downloads: 84)
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Thanks for the responses. I'm going to check WGU too. I'll report back.
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I'm also interested in this degree. Looking at first available dates for AOS courses, you could finish all by September
I don't know if GWU will be a good fit. Their program is pay just one flat rate tuition per 6 month term regardless of the number of units you complete. They advise you to take at least 12 credits each term and be able to commit 15-20 hours per week. With a full time job and 2 small kids, I don't know if I can commit that much time every term.
GWU also said my work experience doesn't translate to course credits, but serves as a requirement to be accepted into the BS Data Management/Data Analytics program.

I did get accepted into TESU and I'm leaning towards that route. They just have to get back to me on what credits they'll accept.

Do I wait for TESU to get back to me on the credits or do I start looking at the GE courses to take from SL, Saylor, etc.?
Also, is it a good or bad thing that the TESU BS DSA program doesn't have a capstone? Are those good for future marketability for employers or it doesn't really matter?
I would say no capstone is a good thing.

Start with Gen Eds that most schools require Smile
May not finish second TESU degree, but I'm close.
First Masters complete. Working on another.
TESU BSBA (with ASNSM) in March 2018.
I’m working on TESU dual degrees of BA Math and BS Data Science and Analytics.  I can give you my degree plan if it is helpful, but it includes some credits that might not be applicable for you like GED College Ready + Credit, credits for an FAA Pilot License and TESU math courses not necessary for the BS DS&A degree.  

I started last June (2017) and by the end of March (2018) will have over 90 credits applied to each degree so it is possible to move through it pretty quickly if determined. 

I originally was doing just a BA in Math (2017 catalog) but then the data science degree caught me eye.  I enrolled in that degree program as well (2018 catalog) and took the first of the courses last September.   Of the 10 required Area of Study courses, I have completed 6, I am currently taking two more, and the other two should be done by May (2018) or so (waiting for next course dates). 

It does require figuring out logistics given that some mandatory courses are given only a few times a year but it is manageable.  If really determined, the AOS can probably be completed in about 6 months.  The courses are only a month long so you can move through them pretty quick schedule permitting.

The courses are a bit expensive but if you qualify as a full time student, you get an academic discount.  They also periodically issue discount codes/promotions via email which stack with the academic discount.  The courses normally run about $550 per 3 unit course.  Using the combined discounts mentioned, I got a two of the courses for about $360 but that requires being able to jump on the deals when offered (both in terms of money for the course as well as time to do the course).

Beyond the above mentioned courses, I have a few of the free credit source discussed around here like the Sophia Developing Effective Teams and the Fire Safety online courses. 
I tried the free cyber security ones but found them horrendously tedious and not that great.  It was quicker, easier, and far more enjoyable to abort that effort and just take things like Medical Terminology from Straighterline for the credits instead.

The rest of my credits were mostly Straighterline general ed requirements stuff and Aleks Precalc and Statistics.

One good piece of information regarding the BS DS&A degree that I found out, Aleks statistics qualifies for the Statistics AOS for that degree so you can take that instead of the statistics course to save a few dollars and time but make sure you understand the material.  Stats and math skills are pretty central in a few of the Predictive Analytics courses as well as the Forecasting course.

If you have any questions about the courses I’d be happy to answer whatever I can. 

In general, the degree does cover a huge amount of content in the AOS but you do have to apply yourself and commit to learning what is taught since the courses are only 1 month long.  On the flip side since they come into TESU through ACE, it’s not graded so if you falter on one it doesn’t affect your TESU GPA if that matters to you.  

The courses though are quite current in terms of tools and techniques and I’ve found it to be a pretty good curriculum.
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Hey Poneill.  Thanks for the reply.  Lots of good info in there.  Yes please send me your degree plan either on here or in PM so I can use as reference.  Currently I'm taking the TEEX Cybersecurity course.  I'm finding it pretty interesting since I see how some of it ties into our company policies at work.  Thanks for the tips on the other free courses to take.  I will definitely add those to my list. 

Keep up the good work on your progress.

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