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Best Place Online for Spanish I/II
Having been recently bitten by the online course bug (edX, possibly without receiving credits), I decided to look online for the other two courses needed to complete prerequisites. These courses are Spanish I and Spanish II, which I signed up to take online via a local community college due to the transfer of credits being a straightforward process within the state. I am two weeks from completing Spanish I, followed by a 1-week break, and then the next 7-weeks are dedicated to Spanish II.

While I believe I can get a passing grade, given how much I struggle with foreign languages, even when dedicating multiple hours each day, I was hoping for a better way. Not necessarily less work, but something that would allow for less stress and on my timetable (online with the community college is generous in this respect, but weekly assignments do exist). While I can only speak about my experience, I have no doubt many others have been in a similar situation. The Spanish I class recently released by Sophia (which I was unaware of until I saw it on these forums) looks ideal, and I hope they extend it to Spanish II as well as other languages. In the meantime, does have a leg up over Straighterline for foreign languages? That is my impression thus far from reading online testimonials.
They plan to offer Spanish II at Sophia.

Personally I suspect that a community college course would still be challenging after taking it at Sophia.

Unfortunately doesn't have Spanish II.

StraighterLine has Spanish I & II. Not cheap though.
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First off, you really need to know if your college or university will take the ACE/NCCRS or CLEP options, if your college does, CLEP will hit both the Spanish I and II requirements. Basically - If you don't want to do CLEP, you can see if they will take ACE, I suggest you email the school to determine your best course of action.

Note: has 3 Spanish courses, depending on the school (example, Exclesior, UMPI or whatever), it will come in differently for all 3 courses. Some like Excelsior will give Spanish 101, 201 credit vs UMPI will give a Spanish I & Spanish II equivalence. So, decide by asking your school! I recommend over StraighterLine.
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(06-17-2022, 12:37 PM)Ideas Wrote: Unfortunately doesn't have Spanish II. does have Spanish II:

SPA 101: Beginning Spanish
SPA 102: Intermediate Spanish
SPA 105: Spanish for the Workplace
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