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Steve (or anyone who knows): What's the calendar feature for?

(I thought I'd ask you here instead of PMing you because I thought perhaps others wanted to know, too.) Thanks in advance!

Here's an update, folks...

I did PM him...and, since he's not posting here to let you all know about it (and since I saw that so many of you had looked at the thread), here's what he said:

sgloer Wrote:It's Saturday, Violingirl! I'm supposed to have better things to do than monitor the board.

Anyway, the impression I get is that it's for board events; i.e. on car forums, I've seen them use it to schedule car meets and conventions, etc..

So...since we're obviously not going to get together for conventions, and stuff...maybe this thread should be about suggestions on how to use the calendar?

Anyway...there you are. Big Grin

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