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Can sophia credit transfer to two different schools?
Here's the link for the Amberton MBA PM:
Sticky thread that might interest you as well:
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(04-17-2024, 06:51 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: No, not really, most Masters allow a bridge program or just require you to have the prerequisites completed, you don't have to have a specific degree... Basically, you should have some 'basic' business classes completed though and of course, the prerequisites of any Masters done before applying unless you're going the conditional acceptance route.

Really?? I did not know that, I thought one must complete the same concentration in order to move to the next. So I can just get one bachelors in one subject and recieve a masters in something entirely different? mind blown LOL

(04-18-2024, 06:39 AM)allvia Wrote:
(04-17-2024, 04:17 PM)GoBroncos95 Wrote:
(04-17-2024, 03:44 PM)allvia Wrote: If you're really looking to get a degree in project management you might want to look into a graduate program instead of another bachelor. For example Amberton has an MBA in PM, and one of the best things about their MBAs (aside from being affordable) is that the courses you take are concentration focused vs being more general business admin heavy. It is also a degree program that is both PMI and ACBSP accredited.

Interesting, Wouldn't I need a project management bachelors prior to going for a masters program in project management?

No existing PM degree needed, and since your bachelor would be in 'Construction Management' that covers Amberton's preferred 'bachelor in business' for their MBAs.

I really like the project management program I am seeing from them. I'll more then likely attend there upon completion of my bachelors. Thank you!!
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