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Cheapest CEPH-accredited MPH programs?
Whenever I run across an online MPH program under ~$15,000, it turns out not to be CEPH accredited. Do any exist?

What I've found so far:
-lots of programs between $20,000-$30,000
-University of North Texas is cheap if you live in Texas, otherwise it's expensive.
-University of Nevada and New Mexico State Univesities might be cheap—I'm having trouble figuring out their fee structures
Here's a list you can dig through:

And here's another:

Check out the instate/out of state tuition for these:

Last but not least, geteducated has the best list:

If cost is a factor and you don't need the CEPH, eriehiker found this:
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Thanks for the links, BJ. I have looked into the Johannesburg degree, but haven't worked in a managerial position in healthcare so don't qualify. I also looked at UNISA, but their MPH is now research-based, so really not aligned with American programs at all. In general, I am open to international non-CEPH accredited programs if they are very, very cheap or cheap + from a respected school. The non-CEPH accredited programs at Lamar and Columbia Southern look like they have decent content, but the tuition isn't low enough for me to justify the risk of a non-CEPH accredited degree at this point.

I've combed through some of those online lists you mentioned, but not all of them. I get frustrated because the tuitions they list are so often wrong. Sometimes it's because they list in-state tuition without indicating that's the case, other times I can't figure out why. So I was hoping that someone else had already done this research and could share their findings with me Smile

To share my research, I've found out since my initial post that University of Nevada is not particularly cheap—tuition and fees total more than $700/credit. Not the world's most expensive program, but not a steal either. I think APU would be cheaper, if I remember their graduate tuition correctly.

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