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Clep Math - study order advice
I was wondering if anyone could offer advice or resources on a good study plan or study order to help me prepare for the Mathematics Clep test.
I haven't studied math is at least 20 years, was never very good at it in any case and really developed a mental block with it when I was younger which is coming back full force right now.

I have taken 3 other Cleps and did well with the self study, but I seem to be a bit too confused about the best order to try and start refreshing my math and learning new skills.
It's not so much lacking resources to use per se - I am already on Khan Academy, Free Clep Prep and Modern States; what I am is just lacking a good pan to follow to get me through everything I need to study.

Can anyone out there help with pointing me in the right direction? Or share any plans that you may have used for yourself?

I really appreciate any help I can get! 
Have you tried the REA CLEP study plan book with practice exams for that exam? It tends to have an orderly method in my experience with the ones we used.
(01-08-2020, 07:26 AM)P226mem Wrote: Have you tried the REA CLEP study plan book with practice exams for that exam?  It tends to have an orderly method in my experience with the ones we used.

I highly recommend the REA CLEP book.  I second the observation about it being orderly.  The best thing about the REA is that it sets the parameters for your study.  Use it to "hold on to the banister," if you will, so you stay on track on the skills you need for the CLEP.  That way, if you need more practice on any area, you can branch out to Instantcert flashcards, Khan, etc., on the issue you need help with.

It's daunting to approach math after so much time has passed by, but I have found, in tutoring my own folks after years away from "scary math," that's it's actually not that bad.  Yes, you have to put in the time and practice, but it's just systems, and the CLEP will stick with the things they say they are testing.  Use the College Board percentages to guide you. is great in setting out the overview, and if you need a different approach, any of the test prep materials I have purchased there have been very good.  

Finally, all the great folks here on the Instantcert discussion forums are SUPER!  A shout-out to all those generous people who took the time to jot down their thoughts about the tests.  Be SURE to check out what others have observed.  It will keep you on track, instead of feeling like you have to know everything. 

Just learn what you need to learn, and learn it well.  Targeting studying, my friend.
I would say that if you want to use Khan Academy, you have 2 options: 1) Math by subject, in which you go in order of Early math, Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, and Algebra 1; or 2) Math by grade, where you do Math by grade, starting with Kindergarten, then 1st through 8th grade. I found it easiest to go through both - start with one and do the course challenge for whatever subject/grade you want, and do it until it ends, then switch to the next, and the next, until you've spent whatever amount of time you want to do on a daily basis. Go back and forth through grades/subjects, and you'll start to see the percentages go up in both sections. It determines where there are holes, and makes sure you learn everything you need before saying you're proficient in an area.

Once you are done with 8th grade, you can switch to just subjects, and make sure you get through Algebra 1, and then you should be ready to do the practice tests and see how you do.
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