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Completion of PUG IT Excel Track in One Term - Capstone Duration Inquiry
(09-25-2023, 05:44 PM)walruspanda Wrote:
(09-25-2023, 01:30 PM)ss20ts Wrote: I didn't say you took the Capstone alone. Capstone in ExcelTrack BS Analytics had to be the last course and you couldn't take any other courses with it.

Right, that's what I was trying to say (perhaps slightly awkwardly) in my post -- by alone, I meant at the same time as no other courses, not alone with no other people.

I'm completely with your husband that the Capstone is slooow going when you're used to knocking off a course every week or two in Exceltrack. And the weekly discussion posts and Zoom calls are for the birds. Based on this course, I'm sure my opinion of PUG would be much different if I were stuck on the traditional track. At least only five weeks to go!

Does anyone show up in your Zoom calls? My husband was the only one to show up in his class most weeks. There were 4 other students and he had no idea if they actually existed. They didn't participate in the discussions either so the professor would respond to my husband and they would discuss back and forth so he got the credit he needed for the work. It was pretty ridiculous. Then there were weekly assignments. Half of the term was a project and the second half was a paper. The professor fought the administration on the number of papers because it was the Analytics degree and he felt that projects would be better suited due to the type of work in the field. Writing papers on analytics was not fun for my husband. It was awkward to write about something you created a program to run a report on. It was kind of funny that the professor hated the papers too. 

The other weird thing in the ExcelTrack in Analytics was that the Capstone was only 5 credits so you didn't qualify for financial aid. All of hte other Capstones were 6 credits so financial aid wasn't an issue.
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(09-26-2023, 10:51 AM)ss20ts Wrote: Does anyone show up in your Zoom calls? My husband was the only one to show up in his class most weeks. There were 4 other students and he had no idea if they actually existed.

My class has 20-odd students, and while I don't know exactly how many attend every week, I'd guess it's at least 75 percent by the number of different names I see in the chat. It's a pretty active class, which is nice -- I'd hate to have my capstone in a class of four where I was the only one doing anything.
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