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Davar managerial comm 390
Has anyone taken this class? I'm reading through the study guide and the concepts are pretty basic. But when I take the practice quizes some of the questions are rather specific like they're asking for specifics about cpu font types and stuff like that. Has anyone on here taken the final? If you have can you shed some light on it so I know what to expect? Thanks! ZC
I don't remember any of that.
(01-03-2020, 11:22 PM)tjguitar85 Wrote: I don't remember any of that.
Yeah see in your response to my last post you said you studied the PowerPoint. All I have is a study guide that seems pretty vague. Basically it is just definitions. Don’t get me I think it is enough info to pass. However when I see questions on the practices quizzes like “what is ethnocentrism?” or fill in the blank questions where the correct answer is xenophobia but there is no mention of the terms or concepts in the study guide doubt creeps in and I start to wonder if there is enough info in there for me to pass. Thanks!

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