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Distance Learning Courses Accepted By TESC
I need 2 pre-cal algebra courses, 2 physics courses and a statistics course to complete my degree at TESC. I have researched TESC's guided study and online courses but they do not appear to be very flexible (multiple online logins required each week) and I have heard that they can be rather difficult compared to some of the other DL courses available out there. Any recomendations for an institution that may have more student friendly (easier and more flexible) courses in these study areas that will transfer to TESC?
Try Penn Foster or LSU, maybe even NCU. I personally need to have correspondence courses, so that is my route. Look around and ask a TESC advisor! Good Luck!
[COLOR="DimGray"]Intro to World Religions 68
Social Science and History 60
Principles of Statistics 60
Western Civilization I 58
Intro to Sociology 55
Astronomy 54
Technical Writing 54
Humanities 50
College Composition 50[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"]C Programming - C
Electronic Instrumentation and Control - A
War and American Society - A
International Economics - A
Calculus II - B[/COLOR]

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