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Do CLEP scores have to be sent to a college in order to be seen?
My DS will likely take the Biology CLEP in June once he has completed his Honors Biology High School class. He is only in 9th grade so right now we have absolutely no idea where he will even apply to college when the time comes. I read something on another site that lead me to believe the once you complete a CLEP exam, you are asked where the result should be sent. If you don't choose a college, then you won't see your score. Is that correct?  I thought he would see his score as soon as he was done taking the exam. 

Any clarification on this process would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
You absolutely can see your score without sending it to a college. Just make sure he selects "Report Score" instead of "Cancel Scores" after the test is over.
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I just did the same thing with my daughter's first CLEP because I was nervous and she was able to see her score and they gave her a printout.  We were also able to see it on the College Boards website that evening. We do have to pay an extra $20 to get the transcript "officially" sent to the school since we didn't choose one up front.
Thanks for the responses, so glad we can see the scores without selecting a college!
I wouldn't even bother selecting a college- unless your son has an active file, it doesn't "go" anywhere.. You'll get a score report and he'll have a file with College Board of all his passes.
Interesting trivia- the official CLEP / College Board transcript will consist of only passed exams - failed exams are never recorded. The only exception to this is if you select a college at the time of sitting. In that case, score report (pass or fail) is sent to the school.

My advice is to just do the test and sit on the score- wait until he's finished with high school and all the CLEPs to forward one transcript.
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Thanks Jennifer! That's exactly what my thoughts were too - just wait until he graduates from HS and then send all of his CLEP exam results on one transcript to the college he ultimately attends.
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