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Does Sophia track what sites you've visited?
(04-13-2024, 10:41 AM)Chickenfat2024 Wrote:
(04-13-2024, 01:23 AM)bjcheung77 Wrote: Interesting question... doesn't track the sites you have visited, they basically use Biometric/IP logging for their own purposes of non invasive proctoring... Having said that... Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will have access to sites you've visited for their own reference and tracking purposes, even if you clear your cookies, history, or gone into InCognito or InPrivate modes on Chrome and Edge... will know what you're doing when connected to their site, the ISP will know what sites you've visited. References where I mentioned using Biometric/IP logging: My post #1:  post #2:  post #3:

Isn't that what cookies do? Track your searches and sites visited? Where do those come in?

A site can only access the cookies set by that site. The big ad providers like Google, Facebook etc... can track you over multiple sites because they are embedded in so many sites (either for ads or for metrics), so they can access the same cookies as you load each site. A company like Sophia would have to contract with one of them to get info about their customers visiting other sites.
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This is straight from Sophia's privacy policy (bolding and underlining is mine):

Personal Information we collect automatically
When you access our Services online, we may automatically collect Personal Information about your device or use of the Services over time and across different websites, including the use of “cookies” and similar technologies. Cookies are small text files that are saved onto your device using your web browser and which allow us to recognize your device when you return. We automatically collect the following types of information:

  • Technical data collected from your computer or device (e.g., IP address, browser and device type, operating system, geographic location, internet service provider, profile demographics)

  • Usage information (e.g., the websites you visit, search terms you enter, date and time of your visit, how often you visit our Services, URLs of sites you access before or after visiting our Services, the content you engage with on our Services, email clicks or other actions taken)
Whether or not they actually act on the info, who knows? 

But, cheaters beware!
Basically, if you're on the internet, then yes every move you make is tracked by countless entities. Only way to avoid this massive data collection on you is to not use the internet.
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