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Eastern University Self-Paced online Degrees
Thoughts on this:

And Eastern allows 75% of credit to be transferred. They are generous and do accept, CLEP, DSST. (idk about ACE and NCCRS)

Might be worth looking into for some people.

75% transferred in for bachelors (32 credits at Eastern)

9 grad credits accepted for transfer
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That's awesome stuff, I just searched their webpage, they do accept ACE and NA transfers too! International transfer credits is another story though... Link: Link to non trad credits:

(Undergrad offerings only, Associates & Bachelors)
FORMAT: 100% online, flexibly-paced within 7-week terms
COST: Only $2,500-$7,500 out of pocket per year (30 credits).

MBA in Organizational Management, MS in Data Analytics, MS in Data Science
FORMAT: 100% online, self-paced within 7-week terms
TIME TO COMPLETE: As little as 10 months
COST: $9,900 (for general track) for 2023-2024
In Progress: Walden MBA | TESU BA Biology & Computer Science
Graduate Certificate: Global Management & Entrepreneurship, ASU (Freebie)

Completed: TESU ASNSM Biology, BSBA (ACBSP Accredited 2017)
Universidad Isabel I: ENEB MBA, Big Data & BI, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
Certs: 6Sigma/Lean/Scrum, ITIL | Cisco/CompTIA/MTA | Coursera/Edx/Udacity

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I can't help but get mad thinking about the people who take what they say at face value and end up paying for an extra course they don't need.

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