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Ed4Credit Money and Banking / World Religion
Is Money and Banking and World Religion considered upper level for the BALS at TESU?

It seems like they are proctored, but does not have a writing assignment.

Anyone do these courses, have experience with them, and would like to share?
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Cert: Computer Operator (Department of Labor) / ICDL_US
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I took the Money and Banking class and found it to be super difficult. Basically, you get three chances on every exam except the final, open book. 70% is passing on the chapter exams and you need a 50% on the proctored final. Getting to 65% was easy. Moving my percentage from 65% to 70% was very difficult. I just finished the Ed4Credit GIS class and it was much, much, much easier, so I am crediting this one to tough material rather than format. If I remember correctly, the Ed4Credit Money and Banking class is lower level and the DSST Money and Banking is upper level, but I will defer to dfrecore on this.
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Neither of those is UL at E4C.

If you want an UL course from E4C, then you can take Abnormal Psych (PSY-350), Aging & Society (SOC-379), and Managing Info Systems (CIS-301).
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