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Evaluation without 1 transcript
Realized I have a balance with a school.  It’s going take a few weeks to get it paid off.  As I understand that it takes minute to get it relayed back to the school that the balance has been paid.  However, I am anticipating enrolling and taking my capstone and cornerstone this semester at Charter Oaks.  Classes begin 01-22-20.  Can I just submit my other transcripts and have the other transcript sent when I have paid off the school.  How do I go about this?  I will be submitting my admission application this weekend.
Yes, send everything you have now.  You need to send the (final school you owe $ to) transcripts prior to applying for graduation. They need to  be evaluated and made part of your record; even if you're not using the credits towards the degree.

Thomas Edison State University (TESU) 
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Don't list it on your application and just submit it when your able. COSC is pretty cool because they'll let you continuously submit transcripts. Make sure you stick to getting that transcript because it will be an issue when your getting conferred.

On a side note, if your paying that balance through a third party (aka bill collector) just let em know that you need the notification of payment sent to the original school asap. I was in a similar situation and was able to get a transcript to COSC within an hour of payment.
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Thank you. I filled out the FAFSA for financial aid which the school has already received. Will that be and issue as I think they list previous schools?
I'm not sure on that, I didn't get aid when I applied.
COSC BSBA 2019 - in progress

COSC AS 2019 - completed


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