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Grad Degrees with generous credit transfer
Are there any graduate programs that allow for a generous amount of credit transfer? I know Capitol Technology University will do up to 75% for a doctorate, but I have not seen many others out there that do more than about a quarter of total credits.

75%? not 50%? That's amazing! Hmm, we should all check some institutions...
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WGU MSCSIA has up to 18 of 34 CUs (credits) that can transfer from cyber certifications:

However, there is a recent report that WGU is now requiring at least 50% of the courses be completed at WGU, so I guess 16 of 34 would be the max?
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(03-02-2024, 04:50 AM)bjcheung77 Wrote: 75%? not 50%? That's amazing! Hmm, we should all check some institutions...

Sorry, 70%. 42 of 60 credits can be transferred in. Still a tremendous amount.

Joe the engineer
Capital Technology University seems like an interesting option. Not a typical low cost provider that is typically discussed on DF, but they have a lot of specialties available for their online PHD programs. Looks like typical cost would be about $60K for a PHD, but several do talk about the ability to transfer in some credits.
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probably not your cup of tea but Iowa state has a hybrid phd in Hospitality/Retail management and University of Alabama has a phd in interdisciplinary studies. I've met a couple of folks who have finished the Iowa state program in 2 years and one of my coworkers wife finished the UA program in 2.5. for the transfer credit it needs to be a completed master degree to be considered... at least that's what I was told YMMV.

Both of these programs are pricey, but if you need a degree from an R1 for a faculty job it could be worth it.
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Define grad degrees. Master's? Doctorates? There's already a thread on here about generous transfer credit colleges which sanantone linked.
(03-02-2024, 05:57 PM)ss20ts Wrote: Define grad degrees. Master's? Doctorates? There's already a thread on here about generous transfer credit colleges which sanantone linked.

ya, I didnt see that one till now. I guess we can gear this talk towards doctorates since that one was more masters.

Joe the engineer

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