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Help with Degree Plan
@origamishuttle, where are you getting the info for cosc dropping transfer credits? Are they basically ending their agreements with that site?
Ouch, it seems not only TESU but COSC and other schools may be limiting the "alternative" credit options. Dropping them from up to 113/114 to 90 and now limiting them to "approved providers" and probably new changes may be happening. Hopefully Excelsior doesn't follow suit when they become an upcoming university... Offer
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(06-02-2022, 10:47 AM)Math avoidant Wrote: @origamishuttle, where are you getting the info for cosc dropping transfer credits? Are they basically ending their agreements with that site?

I've been told these things by two different people at COSC in the last week:

1. The partner agreement between COSC and is ending July 1st.
2. There will likely be a new agreement negotiated, but it's not guaranteed, and it's unclear what courses will be included.
3. The computer science courses (at least the two I need, probably others?) are very unlikely to be part of any new agreement.

This does seem similar to what's been discussed about TESU. I'm being urged to have my transcript to COSC no later than June 30th.
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