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Help with degree plan
I’ve been reading through the threads on this forum trying to educate myself on the in and outs of degree-by-exam possibilities. I have 33 credits from a Bible College, so I suspect most of them will not transfer. If I’m starting pretty much from scratch, what school and degree plan is best to utilize as many exam credits as possible? I’m only interested in a Bachelor’s in anything. For example, how do I know which Cleps to take to go towards a degree. Not all online colleges are clear on which coursework will be equivalent on a Clep exam.
First, you need to find out what kind of accreditation your previous school had - Regional Accreditation, or National Accreditation.  If RA, then all of your credits should transfer to any of the Big 3.  If NA, then you'll have to try COSC and EC, as they MAY accept some credit.  TESU will not.

COSC is the cheapest, TESU is the most expensive but has the most degrees available.  If you just want a BALS/BSLS, then COSC is your best bet.

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.pdf   COSC BALS & BSLS.pdf (Size: 86.09 KB / Downloads: 12)
TESU BSBA/HR 2018 - WVNCC BOG AAS 2017 - GGU Cert in Mgmt 2000
EXAMS: TECEP Tech Wrtg, Comp II, LA Math, PR, Computers  DSST Computers, Pers Fin  CLEP Mgmt, Mktg
COURSES: TESU Capstone Pers Fin, Microecon, Stats  Ed4Credit Acct 2  PF Fin Mgmt  ALEKS Int & Coll Alg  Sophia Proj Mgmt The Institutes - Ins Ethics  Kaplan PLA
(10-17-2019, 06:26 PM)mlowry7 Wrote: . Not all online colleges are clear on which coursework will be equivalent on a Clep exam.

That's ok, you only need to worry about the college you want to attend. If you want to use as many CLEP exams as possible, Dfrecore's recommendation of Charter Oak State College is a great one. They do have a full list on their website (along with a ton of other types of credit) allowing you to only have to take 2 classes with them - the rest you can DIY for about $3000. The 2 classes you have to take with them will also be about $3000, so depending on what you have from your prior credit, you may be able to do a BA in Liberal Arts or Business for really cheap. Wink
BUT, if you go to Charter Oak and take your classes with them, that same degree will cost over $50,000 so it's only the lowest cost if you DIY and transfer.

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