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I earned an Honors BLS Degree with Two Minors in 8 days!!
What is considered a full-time student at UMPI for Pell Grants or student loans is 2 courses per term.

At that rate, UMPI is still a great deal at only $6,000.

Some people have busy schedules and can only do a few courses per term. What is great about UMPI's CBE program is that you can work at your pace, pun intended.
Degrees: BA Computer Science, BS Business Administration with a concentration in CIS, AS Natural Science & Math, TESU. 4.0 GPA 2022.
Course Experience:  CLEP, Instantcert,,,,,,, and TEL Learning.
Certifications: W3Schools PHP, Google IT Support, Google Digital Marketing, Google Project Management
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(02-02-2024, 05:26 PM)RJ77 Wrote: Everyone is different, has different learning speeds and methods, absorbs and retains information differently, etc. Don't get down on yourself if you take longer than others. As an example, some guy completed 36 Sophia courses in 2 months. Meanwhile, I took almost a month just to do US History I alone, because I enjoyed the class and read everything from beginning to end and took my time.

I spent 3 weeks on College Algebra on Sophia. I wrote out every single problem and did everything step by step with Anthony's videos. Iw as actually trying to learn something and not just barely pass.
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Yep, always remember that the averages the give, are just that, averages. There will always be outliers such as the one mentioned doing 11 classes in 8 days, as well as the ones doing a single class per semester because they have employer sponsored tuition reimbursement but can only work a few hours a week on classes. Everyone will complete things at the pace that works for them.
In Progress: 
Excelsior - BPS Business and Management - Business 307, Sociology 305, Psychology 315
ASU - Algebra, PreCalc, Calculus
Luna - Bio2 Lab

Universidad Isabel I - MBA/Master Bus & Corp Comm
Kirkwood - AAS Business Administration, Certificate of Human Resources 3.8 GPA
Excelsior - AAS Applied Technologies Electronics 4.0 GPA
TADA - Google Project Management, Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
CSM Learn
US Navy (Electronics Tech 3rd Class) - NER-ET-004, NV-2202-0165 V02, NV-1715-1788 V01, NV-1715-1796 V01, NV-1715-1585 V01, NV-1715-1336 V02

TECEP: 9 Credits
Man-3730, OPM-3010, Bus-3110 6 Credits
Philosophy 301

Lawshelf: 15 Credits
BUS-201, BUS-301, BUS-302, GOV-202, EMP-301

CLEP: 48 Credits
College Math, Financial Accounting, Principles of Micro & Macroeconomics, Intro Sociology, Intro Psychology, Analyze and Interpreting Literature, Intro Business Law, Principles of Marketing, Biology, US History 1 & 2, Humanities

DSST: 9 Credits
Principles of Public Speaking, Ethics in America, Principles of Supervision
(01-28-2024, 02:48 PM)basicunitoflife Wrote: Important Dates: Business Courses
- December 6, 2023: Enrolled in
- December 10, 2023: completed Business 302, 306, 312, and 304 

Important Dates: UMPI
-January 16, 2024:Started my UMPI journey
- January 24, 2024:Successfully submitted all coursework including finals
- January 28, 2024: My last assignment was graded

Important dates updating science courses while in UMPI 
-January 16, 2024. Enrolled in to complete Intro to Ethics
-January 24, 2024 Finished last Science Course (all A's)

Time Distribution for Academic Events
 Average Assignment Grading (1-3 days) - Percentage of Time: 30%
  • Longest wait time - (4 days)
 Professor Feedback (1-3 days) - Percentage of Time: 25%
 Receive New Assignment (1 day) - Percentage of Time: 15%
Complete Assignment (1 day) - Percentage of Time: 30%

A determined Journey to an Honors BLS Degree with Strategic Planning and Academic Excellence in Just Eight Days"
I'm excited to share my remarkable journey of achieving an Honors BLS degree with two minors in just eight days! My story is about determination, strategic planning, and the incredible impact of online education resources. My ultimate aim was to pursue an essential degree so I could apply to an Accelerated BSN Program; while doing so, I managed to earn A's in every class, graduating with honors and achieving a 4.0 GPA, which qualifies for a summa cum laude recognition.

Education on a Budget: Swift Progress Amid Financial Constraints

While some may argue that education is not a race, navigating through it swiftly becomes a necessity when on a tight budget, as is my case. Despite my husband having a stable career as the sole breadwinner, my financial situation meant I didn't qualify for any financial aid, compelling me to fund my education out-of-pocket. With this financial constraint, I aimed to complete my education within a single term.

My Background
When I first met my now-husband, I was diagnosed with ADHD and believed I had memory problems due to past lead exposure. His motivation and dedication to education inspired me to pursue further studies. With his unwavering support, we utilized Degree Forum to plan a debt-free path for my nursing prerequisites, completed through platforms like Straighterline, Sophia,, and Modern States.

2019, I applied for nursing school, and was accepted, but the pandemic hit, bringing personal losses. I lost my father and grandfather at the height of the pandemic, and I faced serious health challenges. During recovery, I took more ACE provider classes. Recently, my husband and I decided it was time for me to pursue a bachelor's degree so I can apply to an accelerated nursing program.

The Impact of Straighterline and
Straighterline played a crucial role in molding my academic journey, acting almost like a personal tutor for my writing skills. Straighterline English Composition courses weren't just sources of information; they became mentors, teaching me the art of crafting a compelling thesis and the significance of closely following the rubric to excel in my classes. Mastering the rubric wasn't just a box to check; it was akin to unlocking a secret code for academic achievement. This skill became my trusted companion as I ventured into the intricate terrain of challenging upper-level courses. The rubric, like a wise guide, ensured that my assignments not only met but exceeded the required criteria, contributing significantly to my success in those demanding academic endeavors Upper-Level Classes with or without written assignments
Upon joining on December 6, 2023, I completed Business 302, 306, 312, and 304 by December 10. The upper-level classes on deepened my understanding of the subjects and honed my assignment setup skills. This platform's structured approach to assignments and engaging content contributed significantly to my success. 

I've observed that many individuals tend to shy away from upper-level classes with assignments, but I find them appealing for several reasons. When a course has a total value of 300 points, broken down into 100 points for quizzes, 50 points per assignment, and a final exam worth 100 points, tackling the assignments strategically can be advantageous. Completing the assignments and earning a 40 or 50 makes passing the course quickly possible. This is because one only needs to accumulate 210 points to pass, requiring only 10-30 points on the final exam. It's a method that offers a more manageable path to success in these courses.

The Journey to an Honors BLS Degree
I enrolled at UMPI, where I discovered an opportunity to earn two minors, one in Political Science and the other in Management. Despite having the option to take an easier route, since I had already completed so many upper-level courses with, I was told I only had to take ten courses, which were six upper-level, and four lower-level electives. However, I decided to take ten upper-level credits and one lower-level course. The extra course was only because I was told I could declare a second minor and needed a certain amount of credits. 

Strategic Success: Tips for Achieving A's in 11 Classes

Achieving straight As in all 11 classes in a little over a week was made possible through strategic planning, a method I adopted from my husband and's student success course. Here are some helpful tips for fellow learners:

Ensuring the successful completion of your courses involves several key strategies. 
While Points 1 and 2 are undeniably important, the MOST CRITICAL factor is TURNING IN ALL MILESTONES AROUND THE SAME TIME PERIOD. This approach guarantees that you will receive your grades and have access to the final draft at the same time! This strategy worked with multiple teachers. 

1. Follow the Rubric: Adhere closely to the assignment guidelines provided.

2. Read the Syllabus: Develop a thorough understanding of the course syllabus.

3. Complete Finals First: Prioritize finishing final assessments early for a streamlined process. In certain courses, the final became available on the same day after completing quizzes, making it feasible to finish some courses promptly if crucial information was provided in the final assessment sheet and syllabus. However, for other classes, completing the first milestone was necessary to unlock access to subsequent milestones, which contained crucial details for the final. Subsequently, I would complete the final and proceed with the remaining milestones. After completing all milestones, I would review the final to ensure I didn't miss any essential components.

4. Minimize Video-Watching: Focus on reading course materials to enhance learning.

5. Stay Connected with Professors and your advisor: Maintain open communication with your professors and advisor through email and other channels.

6. Plan, Plan, and Plan: Develop a comprehensive plan to effectively tackle coursework.

FYI: Attached to this post is a document that provides an example from one of my classes. It illustrates how I submitted all my assignments at once, and the professor subsequently graded them in the same order. This streamlined approach not only eased my workload but also highlighted the effectiveness of well-organized efforts.

Academic Endeavors: My Accomplished Courses Alongside UMPI (11 in Total)

Courses completed concurrently with my UMPI journey, where I updated my credits and aimed for excellence by securing A's in every course. Recognizing the advantages of higher grades, including scholarships and waived enrollment requirements, motivated me to excel beyond the standard 70%.

- Updated Science Courses:
  - Microbiology 
  - Microbiology Lab
  - Anatomy and Physiology 1
  - Anatomy 1 Lab
  - Psychology
  - Sociology
  - Developmental Psych
- Additional Classes:
  - Environmental Science
  - Intro to Ethics
  - Ancient Greek Philosophy

My overall experience at UMPI was positive. I achieved an Honors BLS degree with two minors in just eight days, highlighting dedication and the support from Degree Forum. Thanks to BJCheung77 and the community for shaping my journey. To those on a similar path, stay dedicated and embrace support; your goals are within reach.

This is awesome I hope to complete mine in 288 days.  What an inspiration thanks for the post!
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