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Independence University
This online school has just lost it's accreditation
Breaking: Citing Performance Failures, Accreditor Dumps Independence University | Republic Report
Ouch, that hurts. Oh wells, some schools make the list, some don't... they have been provided time to "fix" whatever outstanding issues they have, but I guess it wasn't time enough to fix everything they needed in orderly fashion. These type of schools come and go...
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Man that is rough. I wonder if they can simply go find someone else to accredit them.
I am starting Walden in a few day for their free term offer. I wonder if they could be next. They had an issue with the nursing program.
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Interesting. They’re a nonprofit university. I guess it goes to show that even private NP colleges can lose it all
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(04-29-2021, 01:16 PM)harrypotter Wrote: Interesting. They’re a nonprofit university. I guess it goes to show that even private NP colleges can lose it all

Wasn't always non-profit.

"But the chain, which converted from for-profit to non-profit status in a troubling deal, making its founder Carl Barney even richer, and which this week was scrutinized with other converted schools in a congressional hearing, and which has engaged in blustery attacks on its critics, is also being sued for fraud by the U.S. Justice Department and is under investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."
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