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Learning in the Digital Age TECEP
I was intimidated by this tecep because it involves a whopping 3 essays BEFORE you even do the proctored test. The 1st essay was quite easy because there isn't a lot of reading before you do the essay. You pick one of 5 topics and write a short 150 word essay on it. They want you to find a second source from an academic journal to reinforce the essay. Google scholar was the place I used for any supporting articles. You cite 2 ADA format sources.
The second assignment took me ages because you have to read 8 jourbal articles that will definitely not take you an hour. Articles are variable in length, but I spent a good amount of time reading them. This time, you write a 400 word essay about what an Online Educational Resource is. My memory is fuzzy but I think this time the essay is only written from sources they offer. You cite 2 ADA format sources.
Third assignment is an expansion of assignment 2, you write a longer essay about what you believe are the advantages and disadvantages of OER. I found this essay to be very fun to write because I condensed the monumental information from the (8?) Articles assignment 2 required and added more things. The instructions didn’t drmand an ADA since this is more a recap of assignment 2 so I didn’t add one.
To do the proctored exam, you MUST write on a sheet of paper all the ADA citations from your essays and repeat them. They have to be handwritten, not printed. The first essays are similar to the first assignments and require ADA citations.
I didn’t realize the final proctored exam would have a 4th and final essay about various internet topics. You need to have the ADA citation for all 12 website articles in your sheet of paper before the proctored exam. I found the final essay to be easy even though I only skimmed through the suggested reading.

In a nutshell, I found the exam to be very easy, fun to do. It is mostly a bit of a time commitment reading over 20 articles. If the person reads very fast, they could do everything in less than 8 hours. I preferred to spread things out. You can send assignments little by littleover a few days  or do everything at once.

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